Assignment 2: MIDI Editing

What we’re trying to do

What to turn in

The basic process

You will work with one of the sequences that you can download here:


NOTE: You must be on the IU network (or VPN) to download this, or you will get a browser error.

Take one of the sequences I provide — excerpts from pieces of classical music — and make some music of your own that incorporates some of the musical material in the given sequence. The idea is that you will break down this sequence and extract parts of it that interest you. Then build your own musical ideas around the borrowed parts. This is essentially what a remix is in popular music.

Do not use segments of a track from the original sequence that are longer than 4 measures or so.

First, you should get familiar with the music I provided. Play around with it, trying out different patches and devices.

Choose several aspects of the given sequence to use in your own version. These could include chord progressions, melodic motifs or phrases, rhythmic ideas. Think of ways to create a new context for these musical ideas. Rearrange the material using cut-and-paste techniques. Try doubling a melody by duplicating a track (Edit > Duplicate), and then assigning a different patch to the copy. You should also add tracks of your own to go with the existing music.

Thoroughly mix the sequence, using the volume and pan controls in the Main Mixer, automating these for at least three of the tracks. Adjust the tempo, and try changing the tempo over time.

The assignment has a number of requirements that you must satisfy to get a good grade. The requirements are summarized in the Assignment 2 checklist.

Things you should know how to do

While working on this assignment, try to learn and apply the following techniques. The web pages linked below provide a quick summary of steps to take.

You should know how to...

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