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These study tours for middle and high school teachers who have completed the Teaching about Asia seminar offered by EASC are designed to provide firsthand experiences of important cultural, historical, and educational aspects of East Asia. During our travels we will visit key cultural landmarks, museums, and other sites. We will visit schools and observe classes, if possible. While we travel as a group, we will leave time for you to take charge of your own learning through independent exploration and research. We hope that these many firsthand experiences will provide you with the information, insights, and artifacts you need to help cultivate greater understanding of East Asia in your schools and communities.

Our tours are offered as a part of the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA), the same program under which IU offers its Teaching about Asia seminars. Funding for all NCTA programs is made possible through the generous support of the Freeman Foundation. The Foundation is committed to providing educational opportunities about Asia for American educators and students grades 6-12.

Applicants must be alumni of the Teaching about Asia seminar. Individuals may participate in only one EASC-Freeman sponsored study tour. Up to 20 qualified teachers will go on each trip; there are about 400 individuals eligible to apply. Participants must have a valid passport. It is the participantís responsibility to ensure that passport and other travel documents are in order. Finally, while it is not required, we encourage participants to have e-mail and Internet access. Much of the pre-departure information, study materials, and discussion among the participants will be communicated via e-mail and a specially-designed study tour website.

The tour will begin with an orientation in Bloomington to give participants the opportunity to meet one another, develop personal and group goals for the trip, and begin delving into the culture and history of the county to be visited with the tour leaders.

Costs covered by EASC

Costs covered by participants

Participants are also expected to submit a lesson plan in the format provided by the study tour curriculum consultant. Lesson plans should incorporate knowledge or materials acquired on the study tour. Lesson plans will be compiled and provided to each member of the study tour.

The main orientation for study tour participants will be held at the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. Orientation activities include lectures on the history and culture of the destination country(ies), development of group and personal trip goals, exchange of practical travel tips, and discussion of cultural do's and don't's. Participants are responsible for travel expenses to and from Bloomington, but food and lodging in Bloomington will be provided by EASC.

In addition to the orientation sessions before the study tour, participants are required to participate in a follow-up program in Bloomington. The purpose of the follow-up is to reflect on the trip, share experiences, and update colleagues on how materials are being implemented in the classroom. Once again, participants are responsible for travel expenses to and from Bloomington, but food and lodging in Bloomington will be provided by EASC.

Before submitting an application, prospective applicants should be sure they are able to meet the following travel challenges we will likely encounter: extended periods of hot, humid weather; crowded ground transportation; high levels of air pollution; many stairs; and extended periods of walking (will likely exceed 5 miles on many days). Participants should be prepared to carry their own luggage long distances (through airports and train stations, from buses to hotels) and be able to load/unload their own luggage from buses and trains. Participants should be in good health, adaptable to a variety of circumstances, and sensitive to cultural differences. We recommend enrolling in a general fitness program upon acceptance into the study tour program.

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Anthony Ross
Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 812-855-3765

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