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Indiana University

East Asian Studies at IU

Combining a Passion for East Asia and Business

Tyler Fry

Japanese major, Participant, Korean Business and Culture course and study tour

Tyler FryAn IU junior from Omaha, Nebraska, Tyler Fry is pursuing a major in Japanese from the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALC) along with a certificate in the Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP) to achieve his dream of developing a career that will combine his passion for East Asian cultures with business.

He is already well on his way to accomplishing this goal, thanks to the EASC-sponsored Korean Business and Culture course and study tour. A 3-credit course taught jointly by EALC and Kelley School of Business faculty, the course included a ten-day trip to South Korea over spring break. Fry learned about South Korea’s business environment, language, culture, and history and then got to travel to important cultural sites and businesses such as Samsung Electronics, where he and his classmates had to respond to a case study about the company’s strategic business decisions.

It was a life-changing experience for Fry, who got to work with EALC Korean history professor Mike Robinson, as well as other professors from LAMP and Kelley. “Their insight was indispensable,” he says. “What we witnessed and learned that one week in Seoul was the combined experience of exploring something completely new and different while realizing the inherent similarities of any culture of the world.”

Although he and the other students were always aware of their “outsider” status, Fry says that they were immersed in Korean culture. “The lines of what set us apart blurred,” he says. “This is an experience to think back on as we learn to identify as humans with every person in the world.”