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A publication of the East Asian Studies Center, Indiana University

January 2012

Upcoming Events

IU Art Museum Exhibit Featuring Chinese Papercuts

From January through May 2012 the IU Art Museum will exhibit a selection of papercuts by Chinese artist Qiao Xiaoguang (professor and deputy dean, Cultural Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing; director of Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Center). The exhibit, titled “Urban Landscape”, will be featured in the Gallery of the Art of Asia and the Ancient Western World. Chinese papercuts traditionally portray symbols of good fortune, for example, gods and animals, guardians and children, money and food. But in the hands of an artist such as Qiao Xiaoguang, they can be descriptors of modern life. Qiao, born in Hebei, China, in 1957, is inspired by ancient Chinese archeological materials, music, and scenes of contemporary Chinese life.

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April Conference on Chinese Thought to be Held at IU Bloomington

The 8th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought will be held from April 13-15 at IU Bloomington. The keynote address will be given by Stephan Angle of Wesleyan University.  Interested participants should submit abstracts for blind review by January 6. Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to, the revival of religious studies and philosophy in China and the study of traditionally neglected Chinese texts and figures. The conference is supported by the departments of Philosophy, Religious Studies, East Asian Languages and Cultures, and Political Science, as well as the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis and the East Asian Studies Center. For more information, please click here.

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North American Taiwan Studies Association Conference to be held at IU Bloomington

The 18th Annual North American Taiwan Studies Association (NATSA) Conference will be held from June 8-9 at the Maurer School of Law. Opening remarks by Stéphane Corcuff (Political Science, Lyon Institute of Political Studies) will address the theme of the conference, “Taiwan: Gateway, Node, Liminal Space.” Participants are invited to present a research paper engaging the conference’s theme or apply to participate in the NATSA Scholar Workshop—a  newly-organized, discipline-based forum for students and scholars of Anthropology, Film Studies, Literature, and Political Science. NATSA’s keynote speaker, Edward Friedman (Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison), will discuss “Securing Taiwan’s Democracy.” The conference will also feature roundtables on Anthropology, Taiwan Cinema, “Taiwan as Method,” and the question “Is Taiwan Studies Dead?” Each year, NATSA is sponsored by the Taiwan Research Fund. This year’s co-sponsors are IU’s Office of the Vice President for International Affairs and the Maurer School of Law.  For more information, please see the conference website or contact the NATSA 2012 Committee at

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2012 NCTA Teaching about Asia Seminars

Every year, EASC coordinates NCTA’s Teaching about Asia seminars for K-12 teachers in the Midwest and South. Generously funded by the Freeman Foundation and taught by expert faculty, these seminars are designed to help teachers become more knowledgeable about East Asia and to assist them with developing strategies to pass that knowledge on to their students. Participants receive free books, school resources, and a personal stipend upon successful completion of the program. NCTA Teaching about Asia seminars will be held in the following locations in 2012:

Urbana-Champaign, IL
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Benton Harbor-St. Joseph, MI
Minneapolis, MN
Cleveland, OH

For more information, please visit EASC’S NCTA Web site, or contact outreach coordinator Cathy Gao.

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2012 NCTA Teaching East Asian Literature in the High School Workshop

On July 8-13, 2012, EASC will hold its 14th annual NCTA Teaching East Asian Literature in the High School Workshop at IU Bloomington. Generously funded by the Freeman Foundation, this workshop is designed to immerse teachers in East Asian literature and history and provide them with the background and materials necessary to incorporate an East Asian component into their curriculum. An intensive week of lectures, discussions, teaching strategy sessions, and cultural activities will culminate in the participants developing classroom-ready lesson plans. Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants’ schools will receive a $300 grant for the purchase of East Asian resources for the classroom. Participation is limited to 25 teachers. For more information, see the Web site, or contact outreach coordinator Cathy Gao.

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Global Indiana’s China Wave IX Trip

In April 2012, Global Indiana will sponsor its ninth Key Educational Leaders Trip to China, also known as the “China Wave IX” trip. This year’s tour will include travel to Xi’an—the home of the Terra Cotta Soldiers—in addition to visiting the Forbidden City, the Beijing Night Market, the Temple of Heaven, and more. Global Indiana matches each Indiana participant with a partner school and counterpart in China to promote global interdependence and help teach children about cultural differences. K-12 educators interested in participating in “China Wave” trips should contact Phil Boley, Executive Director of Global Indiana, at, or Chris McGrew, President, at

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