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East Asia-related Dissertations Prior to 2003, see the Dissertations Archive

East Asia-related Dissertations 2003 to Present, by department

Erika Kuever
In Today's China, You Don't Starve, You're Poisoned": Consumer Welfare and Citizenship in Urban China (2013)

Pearl Chan

Chinese-Canadian Community Organizing and the Pursuit of Multiculturalism, Unity, and Diversity (2010)
Sue-Je Lee Gage
Pure Mixed Blood: The Multiple Identities of Amerasians in South Korea (2007) (dual with East Asian Languages and Cultures)

Shingo Hamada

Fishers, Scientists, and Techno-Herring: An Actor-Network Theory Analysis of Seafood and Marine Stock Enhancement in Hokkaido, Japan (2014)
Jason Pierce
Cultural Predictors of Deception in a Negotiation Context (2011)
Yan Zhang
Three Essays in Cross-Listings and Corporate Governance (2009)

In Hyeock Ian Lee

Three Essays on Entrepreneurship, Multinationals, and Location Strategies (2007)
Chang Hoon Oh
Three Essays on Market Penetration by Multinational Enterprises (2007)
Jing Li
Real Options and the Instability of International Joint Ventures (2004)
Central Eurasian Studies
Timothy Grose
The Uyghurs of the Xinjiang Class: Boarding School Education, Ethno-national Identity and the Zhonghua Minzu's Discontented Members
Communication and Culture
Brian Ruh
Adapting Anime: Transnational Media between Japan and the United States (2012)
Lori H. Morimoto
Some of Us are Looking at the Stars: Japanese Women, Hong Kong Films, and Transcultural Fandom (2011)

Jeeyoung Shin
Negotiating Local, Regional, and Global: Nationalism, Hybridity, and Transnationalism in New Korean Cinema (2008)

Xianguang Peter Zhang
Entrepreneurial Culture in Transition-Period China: A Rhetorical Critique (2008)
Comparative Literature
Yu-Min Chen
Beyond Autobiography: Memory and the Art of Forgetting in Marguerite Duras, Eileen Chang and Maxine Hong Kingston (2012: Chinese authors)

Karen Ya-Chu Yang
Love in Translation: Hybrid Identity Formations in Contemporary Fiction and Film (2013: depictions of Chinese and Taiwanese in Chinese films)

Ju Young Jin
Nowhere Near: Displaced Self and Nation in Korean and American Postmodern Texts (2013)

Yu-Min Chen
Beyond Autobiography: Memory and the Art of Forgetting in Marguerite Duras, Eileen Chang and Maxine Hong Kingston (2012)

Liyan Shen
The Poetics of Creative Emptiness: Its Development in China from Ancient Times to the Early Qing (2011)

Joanne Quimby
Narratives of Sexuality and Embodiment:  Performative Identities and Abject Agency in Contemporary Fiction and Poetry by Japanese Women Writers (2010) (dual with East Asian Languages and Cultures)

Hanwei Tan
Chinese Visual Poetry (2009)

Chia-Li Kao

Imperialist Ambiguity and Ambivalence in Japanese and Taiwanese Literature, 1895-1945 (2008)
Criminal Justice

Stephan Kory
Cracking to Divine: Pyro-plastromancy as an Archetypal and Common Mantic and Religious Practice in Han and Medieval China (2012)

Haiyan Liu
The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in China and the United States: Law & Society and Criminological Perspectives (2012)
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Dongchoel Bin
Calligraphy and Scribal Tradition in Early China (2014)

J.E.E. Pettit
Learning from Maoshan: Temple Construction in Early Medieval China (2013) (dual with Religion)

Susan Westhafer Furukawa
The Afterlife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi: "Taikoki" and the Reinterpretation of Japan's Past (2012)

Joanne Quimby
Narratives of Sexuality and Embodiment:  Performative Identities and Abject Agency in Contemporary Fiction and Poetry by Japanese Women Writers (2010) (dual with Comparative Literature)

Liora Sarfati
Objects of Worship: Material Culture in the Production of Shamanic Rituals in South Korea (2010) (dual with Folklore and Ethnomusicology)

Gregory Johnson
Mobilizing the “Junior Nation”: The Mass Evacuation of School Children in Wartime Japan (2009)
Charles Andrews
From Post Station to Post Office: Communications in Tokugawa and Early Meiji Japan (2008)

Sachiho Mori
Task-related Japanese Language Learning Strategies Used by High and Low Achievers at an American University (2008) (dual with Education)
Sue-Je Lee Gage
Pure Mixed Blood: The Multiple Identities of Amerasians in South Korea (2007) (dual with Anthropology)
Hong-Yue Guo
Rebirth and Karmic Retribution in Fifth-Century China: A Study of the Teachings of the Buddhist Monk Lu Shan Huiyuan (2007)
David Nelson
Law and Order in the Making of Early Modern Japan: Seventeenth-Century Kanazawa Castle Town Administration (2007) (dual with History)

Kyoim Yun
Performing the Sacred: Political Economy and Shamanic Ritual on Cheju Island, South Korea (2007) (dual with Folklore)

Mary Miller
Intertextual Strategies in Abutsu ni’s “The Wet Nurse’s Letter” and “Precepts of Our House” (2006)
Shu-wei Hsieh
Writing from Heaven: Celestial Writing in Six Dynasties Daoism (2005)
Margaret S. Key
In Pursuit of a New Realism: Detection and Documentary in Abe Kobo (2005)
Daniel H. Kim
The Literature of the Bittersweet: Kim Sung-ok and 1960s Korea (2004)
Todd S. Munson
Imperialism and Infomedia in Bakumatsu Japan: The View from Treaty-port Yokohama (2004)
Gil Raz
Creation of Tradition: The Five Talismans of the Numinous Treasure and the Formation of Early Daoism (2004)
Harue Tsutsumi
Kabuki Encounters the West: Morita Kan’ya’s Shintomi-za Productions, 1878-1879 (2004)
Yin Hu
Growth, inflation and public investment in less developed countries (2013)

Chan Kwon Bae

Three Essays on Knowledge Spillovers (2011)

Jounghyeon Kim
Bankruptcy and Institutions (2010)

Jialu Liu
Three Essays on Human Capital, Migration and Rural Development in Developing Countries (2010)
Seong-Hyeon Jeon
Policymaker’s Self-interest and Lobbying Strategies of Special Interest Groups (2004)
Junghee Park
Three Essays on Bank Passivity and Bargaining (2004)
Jianjun Wei
Alternative Approaches to the Monetary Unification of Hong Kong and Mainland China (2004)

Wanxia Zhao
The developing purposes of low-income college students in China's elite universities: A longitudinal case study of how socioeconomic background and university culture interact to influence the development and realization of low income college students' goals (2014)

Hsiang-ning Wang
An Exploration of Taiwanese Adolescent Cross-Strait Transmigration, Education, and Identification (2015)

Peiwei Li
Self-Development toward freedom: Understanding self, identity, spirituality, and emancipatory interest (2014)

Yi-Ting Chen
Improving English learning motivation and performance of rural elementary school students in Taiwan (2014)

Ching-hui Lin
The Effects of Financial Aid Policies on Student Persistence in Taiwanese Higher Education (2014)

Eun Young Park
An Exploration of Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding the Professional Needs of English Immersion Teachers in Korea (2013)

Amanda Voils-Levenda
The Relationship between Adult Attachment and Emotion Regulation in American and East Asian International Students: Emotion and the Proximity-Seeking Attachment System in a Cross-cultural Context (2013)

Fang Ping Yeh

The Project of Critical Reflexive Education: American-Trained Taiwanese English Teachers' Identity-in-the-Making (2012)

Tingting Wang
What is Beauty? A Cross-cultural Comparison of Children's Ideas of Feminine Beauty and Implications for Art Education (2012)
Michael Dixon
Examining the Use of Computers in Writing by Learners of Japanese as a Foreign Language: Analysis of Kanji in the Handwritten and Typed Domains (2012)

Pei-Lan Hsu

Different Ways of Meaning Making: A Case Study about Eight East Asian Museum Visitors' Reflections and Behavior Patterns in a Comprehensive American Art Museum (2012)

Hye-Kyung Kim
Understanding the Interplay between Language, Power and Ideology in the Identity of Asian English Teachers (2012)

Yuhao Chen

Growth as Product and as Process: Student Learning Outcomes Attained through College Experiences in China (2012)

Gen-Hua Chi
Critical Pedagogy in Undergraduate English Writing Classes in Taiwan (2011)

Yi-Ching Lee
Agency, Identity, and English Learning in a Taiwanese College EFL Classroom (2011)

SoYoung Yang
Critical Literacy Practices in a Korean EFL Context: A Case Study of Korean Undergraduates Learning English Reading and Writing (2011)

Young-Mee Suh
Exploring Reading Strategy Use in English Academic Reading Practices in an EFL Context: Case Studies of Four Korean College Students (2011)

Yun Suk Oh
Korean Higher Education Reforms and Changes since the 1990's (2011)

Mie Ae Jung
Korean EFL University Students' Willingness to Communicate in English (2011)

Shu-Hsiu Huang
On the Applicability of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Pedagogy in Rural Taiwan (2011)

Jianfei Chen
"Doing toward Becoming": A Critical Inquiry into the Self-Identification Process of a Culture Teacher in a Chinese-as-a-foreign-language Classroom (2011)

Yoo-Jean Lee
Copying and Summarizing: PossibleTtools to Develop English Reading and Writing for University Students of Different Proficiency Levels in Korea (2010)

Seonmin Huh

I Do Not Know What It Would Be Like to Be Poor: Learning about Privileged Korean 6th Graders’ Understanding of Poverty (2010)

Mun Woo Lee

Between Two Languages and Two Worlds: Identity of Korean Early Study-abroad Undergraduates in the U.S. (2010)

Yu-Hsiu Hugo Lee

Exploring Biliteracy Developments among Women in Diasporas: The Case of Taiwan (2010)

Jingjing Lou
The School Wall Crumbles: Pollution, Townization, and the Changing Ecology of Rural Schooling in Northwest China (2010)

Hong Pu
Global Pedagogy, Local Meanings: Toward the Glocalization of Communicative Language Teaching in the Classrooms of Western-Trained Chinese EFL Teachers (2009)

Ran Zhang
Confrontation or Cooperation: Spaces of Action for Student Grievance in Chinese Universities (2009)

Bong Joo Hwang
A Study of Counseling Process Using Critical Qualitative Methods: A Focus on Caring in a Cross-Cultural Dyad between a White Male Therapist and a Korean National Female Client (2008)

Eun Mee Lim
A Descriptive Study on Young Children’s Social Interaction with Peers at the Computer Area in a Korean Public Kindergarten Classroom (2008)

Sachiho Mori
Task-related Japanese Language Learning Strategies Used by High and Low Achievers at an American University (2008) (dual with East Asian Languages and Cultures)

Yun-Fang Sun
Motivation to Speak: Perception and Attitude of Non-English Major Students in Taiwan (2008)

Hyangje Cho
Korean Immigrant Mothers’ Involvement in Their Children’s Homework/Home Work (2007)

Yoonhwa Cho

Mental Health Values, Culture, and the Therapeutic Process:  A Systematic Investigation of Value-related Discourse between a White American Counselor and a Korean Client (2007)

Christopher Joseph Frey
Ainu Schools and Education Policy in Nineteenth-Century Hokkaido, Japan (2007) (dual with History)
Yi-Ping Huang
Understanding International Graduate Instructors: A Narrative Critical Ethnography (2007)
Young-Ok Kim
Middle School Mathematics Teachers’ Subject Matter Knowledge for Teaching in China and Korea (2007)
Hsiang-Ni Sunny Lee
Investigating EFL Adult Learners’ Vocabulary Acquisition through Reading Picture Books (2007)
Ji-Eun Lee
Design of Blended Training for Transfer (2007)
Karen Yeok-Hwa Ngeow
“If I Don’t Do, I Lose”: A Grounded Theory Study of Chinese Adult Learners’ Writing Motivation (2007)
Jinkyu Park
Korean Parents in “English Fever” and their “Early Study-Abroad” Children in the United States: Parental Beliefs and Practices concerning First Language Peers (2007)
Stephanie Cayot Serriere
Seeing Masculinities through the Eyes of the Boys: The “Play Curriculum” in Two Multinational Preschools in Japan and the United States (2007)
Jan K. Buckwalter
Emergent Biscriptal Biliteracy: Preschoolers Hypothesize about Writing in Chinese and English (2006)
Ming-Fang Hsieh
“My Mom Makes Me to Learn English”: Power, System, Instruction, and Quality of Early Childhood English Language Education in Taiwan (2006)
Shao-Ting Hung
Alternative EFL Assessment: Integrating Electronic Portfolios into the Classroom (China) (2006)
Myonghee Kim
An Ethnographic Study of the Culture of a Third-Grade ESL Class: ESL Education for Whole Child Development (2006)
Jun-Min Kuo
Collaborative Action Research on Critical Literacy: Investigating an English Conversation Class in Taiwan (2006)
R. Lena Lee
“Becoming an American Princess?”: The Interpretations of American Popular Culture by Young Korean Girls Living in the United States (2006)
Mei-Ya Liang
Interaction in EFL Online Classes: How Web-Facilitated Instruction Influences EFL University Students’ Reading and Learning (China) (2006)
Mei-Yu Lu
When You Write ‘Four’ in Chinese, You Will Find Two J’s In It”: A Case Study of Four Children Learning to Be Literate in Alphabetic and Non-Alphabetic Print (2006)
Yunjoo Park
Sojourner Families’ Perceptions of Bilingual/Bicultural Development in School-Age Children: An Exploration of the Experiences of Korean Graduate Student Families while Residing in the United States (2006)
Atsuko Sajiki
Intellectual Empathy as a Tool of Cross-Cultural Learning: U.S. College Students in a Study Abroad Program in Japan (2006)
Hohsung Choe
Negotiation of Status of Korean Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers (2005)
Ping-Yun Sun
Drama in Education: The Process of Self-discovery and Transformative Learning (2005)

Ching-Sze Wang
John Dewey in China: To Teach and to Learn (2005)

Junko Dosaka
Social Identity Construction in the University Classroom: A Case of Anxious Learners of Japanese (2004)
Miyuki Fukai
Bringing the Standards for Foreign Language Learning to Life through an Internet-Based Newspaper Project (Japan) (2004)
Tak-Joon Jung
A Study of Justice as a Key Concept in Moral Education: The Meaning of Justice in Korean and United States Social Studies Textbooks (2004)
Teresa Jeong-ah Lee
The Relationship between Language Proficiency and Metalinguistic Ability among Korean-English Bilingual Children (2004)
Chia-Hui Lin
Taiwanese Early Childhood Teachers’ Beliefs about Curriculum (2004)

Helen McCabe
State, Society, and Disability: Supporting Families of Children with Autism in the People’s Republic of China (2004)

Taishi Takezawa
Peer-Mediated Social Interaction Intervention for Preschool Children with Autism (2004)

Kwan-Jun Tyan
Diffusion Barriers in E-Learnings in Corporate Taiwan: A Factor Analysis of Practitioners’ Perspectives (2004)
Tony Chi-Chang Wu
Chinese American Acculturation, Household Income, Parental Education, and Parent-Child Agreement on the Child Behavior Checklist (2004)

Shih-Hsien Yang
Being, Doing, and Becoming: Language Learning and Teaching in a Cross-Cultural Setting (2004)
Folklore and Ethnomusicology
Lijun Zhang
Living with/in heritage: Tulou as home, heritage, and destination (2014)

Hsin-Wen Hsu
Institutionalizing cultural forms: A comparative analysis of the social organization of Finnish pelimanni and Taiwanese Hakka music (2014)

Lanlan Kuang
Staging the Cosmopolitan Nation: The Re-creation of the "Dunhuang Bihua Yuewu", a Multifaceted Music, Dance and Theatrical Drama from China (2012)

Curtis Ashton
Interpretive Policy Analysis in Beijing’s Ethnographic Museums: Implementing Cultural Policy for the 2008 “People’s Olympics” (2010)

Yoonhee Chang
Kugagui Segyehwa: Contemporary ‘Traditional’ Music and Globalization in South Korea (2010)

Liora Sarfati
Objects of Worship: Material Culture in the Production of Shamanic Rituals in South Korea (2010) (dual with East Asian Languages and Cultures)

Jessica Anderson Turner
Cultural Performances in the Guangxi Tourism Commons: A Study of Music, Place, and Ethnicity in Southern China (2010)

Midori Ichikawa
American Missionaries in Contemporary Japan: Their Shared Expressive Practices (2009)
Sang-Yeon Sung
Globalization and the Regional Flow of Popular Music: The Role of the Korean Wave (Hanliu) in the Construction of Taiwanese Identities and Asian Values (2008)
Kyoim Yun
Performing the Sacred: Political Economy and Shamanic Ritual on Cheju Island, South Korea (2008) (dual with East Asian Languages and Cultures)

Jiang Lu
The Art of Traditional Architectural Ornaments in Northern China (2007)
Alfred Yama Kina
Ushuu Guhuukuu (2006)
French and Italian
Joyce M. Janca-Aji
To the Other Shore: Reading Buddhism in the Works of Marguerite Yourcenar (2004)
Gender Studies
Yu-Ying Hu
Health, Physical Education and Recreation (2011)
Zhigang Tang
The Urban Housing Market in a Transitional Economy: Shanghai as a Case Study (2006)
Xin Fan
The Making of an Alienated past: The Study of Ancient World History in Twentieth-Century China (2013)

Prangtip Kongridhisuksakorn

Community Development in Historical Perspectives: Tianjin from the Qing to the People’s Republic of China (2008)
Christopher Joseph Frey 
Ainu Schools and Education Policy in Nineteenth-Century Hokkaido, Japan (2007) (dual with Education)

David Nelson
Law and Order in the Making of Early Modern Japan: Seventeenth-Century Kanazawa Castle Town Administration (2007) (dual with East Asian Languages and Cultures)
Terrence Jackson
Socialized Intellect: The Cultural Network of “Rangaku” in Late Tokugawa Japan (2004)
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Sang Keon Yoon
Finding a breakthrough in a newsroom labyrinth: Investigating the work routines, professional challenges, and future strategies of Korean newspaper sports journalists (2015)

Li-Ju Chen
An Investigation of International Volunteer Tourists’ Motivation (2009)

Juan Zhang
Related Trends in Energy Intake, Energy Expenditure, and Body Mass Index among Chinese School Children and Adolescents from 1991-2004 (2009)

Shang Min Ma

Relationships among Psychological Well-being, Leisure Negotiation, and Leisure Participation (2008)
Naoko Yamada
Understanding Interpretive Audiences for Effective Adult Learning: A Case Study of a Japanese National Park (2007)
Hyun-Kyoung Oh
The Emotional Reactions to Challenging Behavior Scale: Modification and Validation (2006)
Ju-Tse Tsai
The Identification of the Components for an Outdoor Education Curriculum in Taiwan (2006)
Seong Choul Hong
A Cross-Cultural Study of the Third-Person Effect and the Regulation of Violent Video Games (2013)

Jihyang Choi

The emergence of socially oriented news consumption: The nature, predictors and consequences of news sharing on online social networking sites (2014)

Yunjuan Luo

The Internet and Politics in China: The Agenda-Setting Influence of Online Public Opinion on Media Coverage and Government Policy (2011)

Sheng Yuan
An Experimental Investigation of Expanding Elaboration Liklihood Model in Advertising Research (2011)

Jacob Groshek
Freedom and “New” Media: Examining the Relationship between Communication Technologies and Democracy Cross-Nationally from 1946 to 2003 (2008)

Jae Sik Ha

The Domestication of "the Arab Spring": A Comparative Analysis of Media Representations in South Korea and the U.S. (2013)
Library and Information Science
Bi Yun Huang
Analyzing a Social Movement’s Use of Internet: Resource Mobilization, New Social Movement Theories and the Case of Falun Gong (2009)

Miyuki Takeuchi
Subject referential expressions and encoding of referential status in L2 narrative discourse by L1-English learners of Japanese (2014)

Ross Israel
Building a Korean particle error detection system from the ground up (2014)

Jung-Yueh Tu
Word Prosody in Loanword Phonology: Focus on Japanese borrowings into Taiwanese Southern Min (2013)

Andrew Eric Shimunek
The Serbi-Mongolic language family: Old Chinese, Middle Chinese, Old Mandarin, and Old Tibetan records on the Hsien-pei (Xianbei) languages and their relationship to Mongolic, with notes on Chinese and Old Tibetan phonology (2013)

Hsu Yu-Yin
The Interaction of Information Structure and Syntactic Representation in Chinese (2013)

Yen-Chen Hao

The Effect of L2 Experience on Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Consonants, Vowels, and Tones (2012)

Junghyoe Yoon
Case Drop in Korean---Its Empirical and Theoretical Investigation (2012)

Yufen Chang
First Language Attrition: An Investigation of Taiwanese Tones and Tone Sandhi (2012)

Ock-Hwan Kim
The Syntax of Inaudible Noun Phrases in Korean (2012)

Kenji Yoshida
The Phonetics and Phonology of Shiki-accent Systems in Mid-western Japanese Dialects (2011)

Tae Sik Kim
Small Projections and Grammaticalization in Korean (2011)

Dongmyung Lee
Loanword Tonology of South Kyungsang Korean (2009)

Eric Oglesbee
Multidimensional Stop Categorization in English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Canadian French (2008)
Hanyong Park
Phonological Information and Linguistic Experience in Foreign Accent Detection (2008)
Deborah Burleson
Training Segmental Productions for Second Language Intelligibility (2007)
Kyoko Nagao
Cross-Language Study of Age Perception (2006)

Tong C. Blackburn
In Search of Third Space: Composing the Transcultural Experience in the Operas of Bright Sheng, Tan Dun, and Zhou Long (2015)

Leonard Yuh Chaur Tan

Towards a Transcultural Philosophy of Instrumental Music Education (2012)

Eva Kwan
Secondary Choral Music Education in Hong Kong: Relations among Motivation to Music, Meaning of the Choral Experience, and Selected Demographic Variables (2007)
Cathleen M. Cameron
“China” as Theatrical Locus: Performances at the Swedish Court, 1753-1770 (2005)
Min-Ho Yeh
Four Late Twentieth-Century Clarinet Works by Chinese Composers Living in North America (2004)
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Anya H. King
The Musk Trade and the Near East in the Early Medieval Period (2007)
Political Science
W. Travis Selmier, II
EA Political Economy (China-Foreign Investment); Political Economy of Cross-Border Bank Acquisitions (2013)

Manjeet S. Pardesi
Explaining the Origins of Strategic Rivalries and Their Escalation to War: A Study of the China-India, US-Japan, and US-China Dyads (2013)

Timothy Rich

Beyond Institutional Effects of Mixed Systems: A Multi-level Analysis of East Asian Electoral Reforms (2012)

Natsuyo Ishibashi
Diverging Allies of the Super Power: Alliance Security Dilemmas and the German and Japanese Responses to the U.S. Invasion of Iraq, 2001-2003 (2010)

Sarah Combellick-Bidney
Contesting Development and Globalization in Mongolia (2009)
Jianxun Wang
Political Economy of Village Governance in Contemporary China (2006)
Sangbum Shin
From Red to Green: Economic Globalization and Environmental Protection in China (2004)
Megumi Kuwabara
Early Origin of Cross-cultural Differences in Attention to Objects (2011)

Yi-Ping Hsieh
Parenting Styles and Peer Relations across Early Childhood through Early Adolescence in Taiwan (2009)
Public and Environmental Affairs
Kwan Nok Chan
A comparative study of the institutional foundations of punctuated equilibrium (2014)

Jeongseok Lee
Knowledge Management in Preserving Ecosystems: The Case of Seoul (2009)

Hanjun Park
Pubic Management Innovation Theory and Practice: Bureaucratic Attitudes toward ICT in South Korean Government (2009)

Suk Tae Hwang

Explaining Environmental Performance of Korean Firms: Why Some Do Better Than Others (2008)
Religious Studies
Geoffery Goble
Chinese Esoteric Buddhism: Amoghavajra and the Ruling Elite (2012)

Nicole Willock
A Tibetan Buddhist Polymath in Modern China (2011)

Cheryl Cottine
Roles, Relationships, and Chinese Ethics (2014)

Erik J. Hammerstrom
Buddhists Discuss Science in Modern China (1895-1949) (2010)

Cuong T. Mai
Visualization Apocrypha and the Making of Buddhist Deity Cults in Early Medieval China: With Special Reference to the Cults of Amitabha, Maitreya, and Samantabhadra (2009)

W. Clarke Hudson II

Spreading the Dao, Managing Mastership, and Performing Salvation: The Life and Alchemical Teachings of Chen Zhixu (2008)
Second Language Studies
Hyun-Kyoung Seo
On the interplay of syntactic and semantic knowledge in sentence processing of English as a second language (2014)

Ji Hye Lee
Speech and Gesture in Route Direction-Giving Interactions (2014)
Speech and Hearing Sciences
Wen-Hui Su
An Acoustic Study of the Singer’s Formant: The Comparison between Western Classical and Traditional Chinese Opera Singing Techniques (2009)

Chris D. Martz
Production of Onset Consonant Clusters/Sequences by Adult Japanese Learners of English (2007)
Xiaofei Wang
Technological Change and Production Location in the Movie Industry: A Study of Genre Trends in 7 Countries (2009)