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Dissertation Archive - 2003 and Prior

East Asia-related Dissertations 2003 to Present, see Dissertations

East Asia-related Dissertations 2003 and Prior, by department

Kazuko Yamazaki
Nihon Buyo: Classical Dance of Modern Japan (2001)
Communication and Culture
Pei-Chi Chung
Crafting National Identity in Cyberspace: The Formulation of a Taiwan Nation and the Rise of an Alternative Media Culture (2002)
Sang-Woo Lee
Theatrical Feature Film Trade and Media Policies in Japan, Korea, and the United States (2002)
Comparative Literature
Aiko Okamoto MacPhail
Imagining Modernity: European Japonism and Japanese Westernism (2001)
East Asian Languages and Cultures
J. Colleen Berry
Animal Demons as Humans: Sex, Gender, and Boundary Crossings in Six Dynasties Zhiguai Literature (2002)

Sara Langer

Sentimental Fictions: A Study of Gender Politics in Selected Writings of Hanasanjin (1790-1858) (2002)
Paola Voci
Visual Dissent in Twentieth-Century China: A Study of the Exhibitionist Mode of Representation in Cinema, Literature, and Media (2002)
Paul Richard Manfredi
Decadence in Modern Chinese Poetry: Problems and Solutions (2001)
Sarah Elizabeth Stevens
Making Female Sexuality in Republican China: Women’s Bodies in the Discourses of Hygiene, Education, and Literature (2001)
Sunghwan Kim
Essays on the Soft Budget Constraint (2003)
Wei Wang
China’s Urban Housing Reform: Implications from Wage Determination, Inequality, and Welfare Improvement (2002)
Anne Therese Falkenstein
Critical Literacy in an EFL context (2003)
Sun-Mi Lee
Korean Early Childhood Educators’ Beliefs and Best Practices: The Impact of Education, Experience, and Teaching Context (2003)
Gwo-Jen Lin
Leadership Development of College Students in Taiwan (2003)
Gi-Zen Liu
An Instructional Design Theory for Teaching Freshman English in a Hybrid Web-Based Instruction Course in Taiwan (2003)

Yi-Hsuan Gloria Lo
“It’s Like Two Different Worlds,” A Journey from Learning to Teach in the United States to Learning to Teach in Taiwan (2003)
Chih-Hung Wang
Students’ Goal Orientation, Self-efficacy, Attribution Style, Interest, and Their Influences on Mathematical Achievement: A Taiwanese Reform Context (2003)
Xuehui Xie
A Comparison of the Characteristics of Curriculum Design and Instruction as Reflected in National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Chinese Ministry of Education Mathematics Standards as well as the Theoretical and Philosophical Underpinnings of these Characteristics (2003)
Hui-Chin Vicky Yeh
The Productive Power of Shared Learning: Emergence of a Model for the Professional Development of English as a Foreign Language (2003)
Senem Yildiz
Exploring Factors Influencing EFL-Speaking International Graduate Students’ Forum Participation and Social Presence in Two Web-based Graduate Courses in the United States (2003)
Shih-Fan Kao
The Pedagogical Context and the Theoretical Bases of EFL Writing Instruction in a Public High School in Taiwan (2002)
Youngsang Kim
Construction of a Theoretical Model of Foreign Language Anxiety and Development of a Measure of the Construct: Korean University EFL Learners’ Case (2002)
Show-Mann Liou
The Effect of “We the People...Project Citizen” on the Civic Skills and Dispositions of Taiwanese Adolescent Students (2002)
Junko Tanaka
Academic Difficulties among East Asian International Graduates: Influences of Perceived English Language Proficiency and Native Educational/Socio-Cultural Background (2002)
Ching-Huang Peter Wang
Self-guided Bibliotherapeutic Experiences Related to Identity Issues: Case Studies of Taiwanese Graduate Students in American University Settings (2002)
Jiyoon Yoon
Feasibility and Effects of Science Education for Parents through the Internet in Korea (2002)

Shingjen Jiang
English Academic Writing and Reading: Case Studies of Taiwanese Graduate Students’ Second-Language Research Paper Composing in an American University (2001)
Wei Tu
Cultural Identity in Chinese-born Children Adopted by White American Parents: Chinese inside Their Hearts (2001)
Junko Ueno
Grammar Instruction and Learning Style: A Case of Teaching the Japanese Te-iru Construction (2001)
Folklore and Ethnomusicology
Hilary Vanessa Finchum-Sung
Uri Saenghwal Ŭ Mak: Music, Discourse, and Identity in South Korea (2002)
Miyuki Hirayama
Matsuri in Shimomura: Experience, Performance, and History in a Japanese Festival (2001)
Kathryn Jean Edgerton
The Semiotics of Starvation in Late-Qing China: Cultural Responses to the “Incredible Famine” of 1876-1879 (2002)
David Andrew Nordmann
Idealism, Immigration, and Imperialism: Durham Stevens and the Rise and Fall of United States Diplomacy with Japan and Korea, 1873-1908 (2002)
Lisa Walls Holstein
Framing the Enemy: Changing United States Media Images of China and the U.S.S.R. at the End of the Cold War (2002)
James Richard Cohee
East Asian Law and Political Economy (2001)
Masanori Deguchi
The Anatomy of Quantifier Scope Interaction (Japan) (2003)
Byung-jin Lim
Perception, Production, and Orthography in Syllabification in Korean and English (2003)
Kwang Chul Park
The Structure of Accentual Phrase in Korean: The Interaction between Segments and Suprasegments in Three Korean Dialects (2003)
Robert Glen
Japanese Lexically Specified Accent: A Word-Level Prominence System with Both Pitch and Loudness as Components (2002)
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Anya H. King
The Musk Trade and the Near East in the Early Medieval Period (2007)
Political Science
George Christopher Ehrhardt
Engagement and Alliances in Northeast Asia: The Role of Security Consultation (2002)
Bum Suk Kim
Divergent Paths of Democratization: Comparative Study of Taiwan and South Korea (2001)
Seongji Woo
The Politics of Asymmetrical Triangles: Cooperation and Conflict in Northeast Asia (2001)
Hanako Yoshida
Iconicity in Language Learning: The Role of Mimetics in Word Learning Tasks (Japan) (2003)
Public and Environmental Affairs
Kiwhan Kim
Measurement of Water Quality at Work: Looking for Policy Implications of Contingent Valuation Method for Water Management (2002)
Kathryn Gold Hadley
Asserting Agency: Taiwanese Children Confront Confucian Values in Kindergarten and First-Grade Peer Cultures (2003)
Aaron Brooks Culley
Accounting for Power: Population Data and State Building (2002)