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Area Studies in the Future of Higher Education
February 26-28, 2009
Indiana University Bloomington

This conference asks what area programs that originated in the Cold War era have to offer in an age of globalization and in the context of such developments as the rise of universalist analytical models in the social sciences, the massive retreat of Americans from mastery of foreign languages, and the increasingly instrumentalist approach of the Department of Defense to language training. Area studies programs increasingly also collaborate with professional schools and furnish professionals-in-training with the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences. Accordingly, we ask how such programs can be best aligned or articulated with changing national needs and evolving university structures that emphasize professional specialization and corporate financial models.

For more information, contact martrott [at] indiana [dot] edu (Mark Trotter), assistant director of the Russian and East European Institute.

This event is sponsored by Russian and East European Institute, East Asian Studies Center, African Studies Program, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, India Studies Program, Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Program, West European Studies National Resource Center, Office of the Vice President for International Affairs, Office of the Provost and Exectutive Vice President, and other IU units.