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Programs & Events

Special Events

In addition to regular programs, we also sponsor special events throughout the year, such as conferences, workshops, and guest lectures.


“Grand Strategy: An American Problem?”
Thursday March 8, 2012
Indiana University Bloomington

“Energy and Conservation Policies”
Friday April 6, 2012
Indiana University Bloomington

EALC/EASC Student Awards Ceremony
Friday April 27, 2012
Indiana University Bloomington



“Messy Reading: What Stains, Coloring and Graffiti Can Tell Us about Reading Practices in Early Modern Japan”
Lecture by Dylan McGee, Associate Professor of Comparative Languages and Cultures, Nagoya University. Sponsored by East Asian Studies Center, Department of History, Department of Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, and Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures.

“The Perry Encounter, 1853-1854”
George Wilson, Professor Emeritus of East Asian Languages and Cultures, will discuss Commodore Perry’s momentous 1853 expedition that ended Japan’s two hundred year isolation and affected the world. An installation of Japanese woodblock prints depicting this significant event accompanies this lecture. The Perry Encounter is presented in partnership by the East Asian Studies Center, the IU Art Museum and the 2011 Themester Program “Making War, Making Peace.” An Opening Reception will follow.

Symposium on “The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic of China”
Three renowned historians help us understand the significance of the revolution to Greater China’s present and future by exploring how it shaped China’s “rise” through a century of “humiliation” by Western powers, civil and world wars, revolution, economic and political transformation, shifting cross-border identities, and the pursuit of global influence and social harmony.

A Campus-Community Response to the Crisis in Japan: A Teach-in & Benefit Event
Indiana University and the Bloomington community have been shocked and saddened by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan and the resulting nuclear radiation crisis in that nation. As part of the community-wide relief effort, the campus will host a teach-in and benefit event.

2011 Roundtable on Lessons from Post-Communism: The Economic Recession: Opportunities and Challenges in Economies in Transition
Paul Marer (Professor of Business, Central European University, Budapest), Barry J. Naughton (Professor of Chinese and International Affairs, University of California, San Diego), and Vladimir Popov (Professor New Economic School, Moscow) will present their responses to a number of questions regarding the effect of the present economic recession on economies in transition.

Richi Sakakibara Lecture
Richi Sakakibara (School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University) presents a lecture on the censorship of Japanese literature during the Occupation Period.

Symposium on Difference and Constitutionalism in Asia
This symposium examines the experience of more than 14 countries across the region in dealing with the challenge of difference through constitutionalism.

Symposium on the East Asian Development State: Separating Myth and Reality
This symposium features panel presentations on the role of the developmental state in the “East Asian Miracle” from four experts on East Asian economic policy.

Paola Voci Lecture
Paola Voci (Languages and Cultures, University of Otago, New Zealand) presents a lecture on Chinese “portable movies” for online and on-phone audiences.

East Asian Career Night
This annual event features panelists with professional experience in East Asia who offer strategies for students seeking East Asia-related jobs and internships and discuss potential position openings.

2010 Roundtable on Post-Communism: Coping with Uncertainty: Individual Challenges and Institutional Change Twenty Years after the Introduction of Market Economies
This public roundtable features Li Zhang, a professor of anthropology at UC-Davis and a specialist on the social, political, and cultural repercussions of market reform and socialist transformations in contemporary China.

Performing Japanese “Silents”: Benshi Narration of the Sword-Fighting Film Serpent
This screening of the 1925 Japanese sword-fighting film Orochi (Serpent) features professional benshi (silent film narrator) Raiko Sakamoto accompanied by music.

Mark Selden Lecture
Mark Selden (East Asia Program, Cornell University) presents a lecture on the resurgence of East Asia and the emerging character of East Asian regionalism.

Li Zhensheng Lecture: Rare Photographs of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
In conjunction with an exhibit, Chinese photojournalist Li Zhensheng presents a lecture introducing a collection of his photographs from the Cultural Revolution, the only known existing photographic documentation of the Cultural Revolution.

Sex and the Revolution: China in the Sixties
Photojournalist Li Zhensheng shares his personal experiences with sexual repression during the Cultural Revolution.

China in Africa Symposium
A symposium exploring China’s ever-increasing financial, political, and cultural involvement in Africa.

Area Studies in the Future of Higher Education
Coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of the Russian and East European Institute and the thirtieth anniversary of the East Asian Studies Center, this conference asks what area programs that originated in the Cold War era have to offer in an age of globalization.

Wings of Defeat
A director’s talk and film screening of a documentary that reevaluates the legacy of Japan’s suicide pilots, the kamikaze.

Monsters and the Monstrous in Japanese History and Culture
A series of workshops that investigate the place of monsters and ideas of the monstrous in Japanese history and culture.