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Monsters & the Monstrous

"Greedy Old Woman Chose the Heavy Box" illustration in which an old, ugly woman is swarmed by monsters when she opens a box.

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Courses about Japanese Monsters
Ghosts, Goblins, and Godzillas: The Supernatural History of Japan (Fall 2008)

Instructor: Terrence Jackson, Adrian College
Course Syllabus (PDF)

Japanese Horror Fiction and Film (Spring 2008)

Instructor: Miri Nakamura, Wesleyan University
Course Syllabus (PDF)

Japanese Ghosts (Fall 2006)

Instructor: Susan Klein, University of California, Irvine
Course Web site

Ghosts, Spirits & Monsters: Japanese Popular Culture (Fall 2005)

Instructor: Michiko Ito, University of Kansas
Course Syllabus (PDF)

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