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Indiana University


2013-14 NCTA Teaching about Asia Seminars

2014 Spring Seminar Timeline

January - March/April/May 2014
Participate in NCTA Teaching about Asia seminars.

At or shortly after the end of the seminar
Teacher Implementation Plans (TIPs) and Annotated Bibliography (for those taking the seminar for Indiana University graduate credit) are due. This due date is left up to the discretion of individual seminar instructors, but no later than May 31.

March 2014 - May 2015
You will be implementing lesson plans.

June - September 2014
Part 1 ($200) of the individual stipend, school resource buying grant ($300), and certificate of participation will be sent to participants who have successfully completed the seminar. The school resource buying grant will be mailed to participant’s school, with participant’s name noted on the check stub.

Spring 2015 (TBA)
A follow-up event will be arranged by the instructor. Attendance at the follow-up event is required to receive Part 2 ($200) of the individual stipend. Your instructor will notify you of the date, time, location, and details of this event.

March - April 2015
EASC will send you a letter requesting your follow-up report and DV Form for Part 2 ($200) of the individual stipend.

June 30, 2015
Follow-up report is due (must be postmarked by June 30).

July - October 2015
Part 2 ($200) of the individual stipend will be sent to participants who attended the follow-up event and successfully completed the follow-up report.

2014 Summer Seminar Timeline

No seminar scheduled for summer 2014.