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Indiana University


2017-18 NCTA Teaching about Asia Seminars

Forms and Graduate Credit

Note: Specific details may vary among sites.

DV Form and Request for Taxpayer Identification (W-9) for Teachers

These are the forms you must fill out in order to receive your two individual stipend payments. You will need to fill out two copies of the DV Form (an original form is required for each payment) and one copy of the W-9. The first copy of the DV Form is included in the welcome packet and should be mailed to EASC. The second copy of the DV Form will be sent to you with the request for your follow-up report. You must be currently employed half-time or more in a K-12 public or private school in order to be eligible for the stipends. Substitute teachers are not eligible.

If you are not a U.S. citizen or green card holder, you may not be able to receive the stipends. Please contact EASC for details.

DV Form and Request for Taxpayer Identification (W-9) for School

These two forms must be filled out by your school in order to receive your school resource buying grant. An official school representative—principal, vice principal, treasurer, or secretary—must sign the forms. In place of the Social Security number, please provide the school’s Federal Tax Identification Number. (This number is the corporate equivalent of the individual Social Security number.)

Note: The forms should be signed by the school at which you will be implementing your lesson plans. If you anticipate changing schools after the seminar has finished, you should wait to have these forms signed by your new school. You must be currently employed half-time or more in a K-12 public or private school in order to be eligible for the classroom enrichment grant. Substitute teachers are not eligible.

Your school corporation may also need to fill out a W-9 form if it is not already on file in the IU system.

Graduate Credit from Indiana University

Participants in the Teaching about Asia seminar are eligible to purchase three graduate credits for E505 “Topics in Learning about Asia” from Indiana University (IU) Bloomington. (Note: this course credit will be from the East Asian Languages and Cultures department, not the School of Education.) In addition to the Teacher Implementation Plan (TIP), you will be required to turn in an annotated bibliography. To apply for the credits, you must complete an online application (coming soon).

Once you submit the graduate credit application, your decision to take the course for credit is final, and you will be billed by Indiana University. This is non-reversible!

Paying for the Graduate Credit

After you are enrolled in the course, you will receive a bill directly from the Indiana University Bursar’s Office.The cost is $362.30 per credit hour for Indiana residents and $1184.15 per credit hour for out-of-state residents. Although we will make every attempt to have them waived, you may also be charged for some student fees. 

The Indiana University Bursar’s office sends out bills on the third Thursday of each month. Payment is due on the 10th of the following month. Payment can be made by check, cashier’s check, or e-check online through One.IU under the "View/Pay Bursar Bill" section. You will be responsible for any late payment fees that incur for failure to pay the bill on time. Be sure to check your IU email account for bill notifications from the Bursar’s Office.

EASC staff members cannot help you with billing questions, so please contact the Bursar Office by email at or by phone at (812) 855-2636 directly with any questions about billing.

Receiving a Grade

If you would like a copy of your transcript, please check with the IU Office of the Registrar to learn the process for requesting one. Transcripts currently cost $10.00.

If you are not a U.S. citizen or green card holder and wish to register for graduate credit, you must contact EASC for more information on how to apply.