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Video Lending Library


Title Code Number
At the Helm of Korean Business KA01
Attack The Gas Station KA02
Beat KB01
Birth of Family, The KB27
Bungee Jumping of Their Own // Beonjijeompeureul hada (2001) KB02
Christmas in August KC01
Chunhyang KC03
City Horror - The Stage of Evil Spirit KS10
Coachman, The KC04
Contact, The KC02
Discovering the Art of Korea KD05
Does the Cuckoo Cry at Night KD04
Evil Spirit, The KE01
Failan KF05
Families of South Korea KF03
Family and Home KD01
Farewell, My Darling KF02
Festival KF01
Foul King, The KF04
Garuda, Mystical Bird of the Golden Feathers KG01
Geography and Industry KD02
Geography and Society KT01
Gingko Bed, The KG03
Green Cap, The KG02
Hidden Korea KH01
Host, The KH02
An Initiation Kut For A Korean Shaman KI01
Interview KI02
Joint Security Area KJ01
King and the Clown, The KK08
Korea '95; World Population; & Challenge to America KK02
Korea: Your Successful Investment Into the 21st Century KK05
Korean History (Professor Peterson's Lecture) KK01
Korean Traditional Music and Dance KK06
Korean War, The: Our Time in Hell Part I KK03
Korean War, The: Our Time in Hell Part II KK04
Korean War Stories KK07
Legacy and Transformation KT05
Marriage Story KM01
Memories of Murder // Salinui chueok KM05
Moolaya, Moolaya KM03
My Heart KM04
My Sassy Girl (Yeopgijeogin geunyeo) KM06
Mystery of Silla, Chumachong [tomb] KM02
North Korea - Shadows and Whispers KN02
Nowhere to Hide KN01
Obaltan (Aimless Bullet) 1961 KO06
Old Boy KO05
On the Occasion Of Remembering the Turning Gate KO04
One Nation: A Korean Punk Rock Community KO02
Our Twisted Hero KO01
Power of Kangwon Province, The KP01
Pulgasari AKA Pulgasar AKA North Korean Godzilla KP02
Record, The KR01
School and Community KD03
Shiri KS03
Silmido KS07
Sopyonje KS01
South Korea: From Illiteracy to Affluence KS05
Spider Forest KS09
Spring In My Hometown KS04
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring KS08
Sweet Paradise Of Ours KS02
Tae Guk Gi (The Brotherhood of War) KT08
Take Care Of My Cat KT06
Tale of Two Sisters, A KT07
Tell Me Something KT04
Timeless Bottomless Bad Movies KT02
Trout KT03
Unforgiven, The KU02
Untold Scandal KU01
Vampire Cop Ricky KV01
Warm Water Under a Red Bridge KW06
Way Home, The KW05
Welcome to Dongmakgol KW08
Welcome to North Korea KW04
Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left For the East KW01
Winter Arirang KW02
Witchboard (Bunshinsaba) KW07
YMCA Baseball Team KY01