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Program Title: Welcome to North Korea
EASC Code: KW-04
Series Title:
Region/Country: Korea
Language: English
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type: VHS
Producer: Peter Tetteroo
Release Date: 2001
Running Time: 50 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: The film shot, mostly in covertly, shows the irony of a regime where 20 million people live in poverty, some on the brink of starvation, while former dictator KimIl Sung built extrtavagant monuments to reflect his power. He fostered grotesque personality cult, which his son and successor Kim IL Song perpetuates. All around the capital, Pyongyang, an endless stream of propaganda glorifies the leaders. Monuments and museums pays homage to them, but they are strangely empty. The contrast between capitalist South Korea and impoverished North are dramatically shown. The founder of Hyundai, Tsjoen Joe Jung is held in great esteem in the south. He believes in uniting the two Koreas and has made significant donations to economic development in the North, trying to ease the way to reunion. This film crew was not allowed to interview people in random. The ones "selected to speak to foreigners" gave idealized image of the regime that was hardly credible. Footage shot secretly by a chinese relief organization attests to a generation dying from startvation and disease, and suffering terrible human rights abuses. Welcome to North Korea captures in a vivid manner the tight grip the regime has on its people, with a power not used benevolently.
Data Entry Date: 12/1/06