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Program Title: Korean War, The: Our Time in Hell Part II
EASC Code: KK-04
Series Title:
Region/Country: Korea
Language: English
Subject: History, West-East Relationship/Diaspora, Politics & Law
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type: VHS
Producer: Discovery Channel
Release Date: 1997
Running Time: 50 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: "Filmed at the front, Part Two dramatically covers a string of America's victories and the liberation of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. But China's Mao Tse-Tung fears U.S. forces will cross the Chinese Border. He responds by sending 250,000 crack Chinese troops across the Yalu River into Korea. The Chinese set a trap for the U.S. forces at the Chosin Reservoir, in the depths of winter. With wind chills averaging 70 degrees below zero, Americans fight both the enemy and the weather until their supplies and reinforcements are cut off. Thousands are killed in what is considered the worst defeat in American's history. MacArthur's leadership is questioned, both in Korea and back home. China is now in the war in spite of MacArthur promise that it would never happen. MacArthur wants more troops to counterattack and invade China. President Truman and the world believe Korea could be the beginning of World War III. In the summer of 1951, MacArthur is relieved of his command, he called home and retires. American continues to fight for two bitter years while waiting for peace talks to end the fighting . The unresolved Korean war proves to be the most difficult conflict in American history. It is the prelude to Communism's expansion in Asia. leading to America's eventual involvement in Vietnam."
Data Entry Date: 2/2/1999