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Program Title: World War II: The War In the Pacific (Disc 2)
EASC Code: JW-09
Series Title:
Region/Country: Japan
Language: English
Subject: History
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type: DVD & VHS
Release Date: 1993
Running Time: 93 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: From the skies of Pearl Harbor to the sands of Iwo Jima, relive the drama and intensity of history's greatest conflict in World War II: The War In the Pacific. This extraordinary collection is the most complete account of World War II's Pacific Theater ever created.
Combining graphic combat footage and expert commentary, it's a commanding view of the battles and strategy, the men and machines, and the horror and heroism that marked this epic conflict.
Disc 2
The Return to the Philippines
From McAuthur's strategy to the Heroics of the ground, naval, and air troops, it's a stunning story of unstoppable determination.
Okinawa.. The Last Battle
Witness the deseprate, suicidal resistance of the Japanese in the final battle of the Pacific campaign.
Admiral William "Bull" Halsey: Naval Warrior
Sail into battle with one of the most celebrated naval commanders in American history.
Data Entry Date: 3/11/2005