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Program Title: SimpsonS: 30 Minutes Over Tokyo & South Park: Chimpokoman
EASC Code: JS-19
Series Title:
Region/Country: Japan
Language: English
Subject: TV Show
Program Type: Feature
Media Type: VHS
Release Date:
Running Time:
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: The Simpsons go to a cyber-cafe to see a website with monkeys doing it. Snake cyber-robs Homer of his life savings. He and Marge had been saving up for a vacation. Homer goes to rob Flanders and instead Flanders tells him about living thrifty. Homer steals Flanders' ticket to the "Mega Savings Seminar". The trick is to be cheap. The Simpson family goes to the airport and attempts to get mega-saver airline tickets. They end up getting tickets to Japan. Once there, Lisa wants to discover Japanese culture; instead they eat at an American restaurant. Homer and Bart go to watch Sumo wrestling. Then they get in trouble and go to jail. They get out and lose the remainder of their money. The US Ambassador to Japan recommends that they get jobs. They start working at a fish-gutting factory. After realizing that the job sucks, they decide to go on a game show called "The Happy Smile Super Challenge Family Wish Show". On the show they face physical torture...well, Homer does anyway. They end up winning plane tickets back home. On their flight back, Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, et cetera almost capture their plane. The end credits show the Japanese cartoon that gives people seizures. SOUTH PARK: All the kids (except for Kyle, who ends up always one step behind in keeping up with the fads) are going crazy over Chinpokomon, a new toy, game, and TV show set that's just arrived from Japan. Something doesn't quite seem right, however, when the toys start telling kids to attack Pearl Harbor, but the toy's makers have an explanation ready that satisfies everyone who comes to investigate the matter. Will the kids be stopped before it's too late?
Data Entry Date: 9/3/2003