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Program Title: Mother [Okaasan]
EASC Code: JM-09
Series Title:
Region/Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Subject: Movie & TV Drama
Program Type: Feature
Media Type: VHS
Director: Mikio Naruse
Release Date: 1952
Running Time: 98 min.
Color or BW: BW
Program Abstract: "Now that her husband, Ryosaku, has returned from Worls War II alive, Masa dreams that their household may return to normal. Is this too much to hope for? The Fukuhara family business is in ruins. Ryoksaku, Masa and their oldest children take menial jobs to raise funds, so that they may rebuild their laundry. Their hopes are strong until their toil turns constly. Susumu, the only son, succumbs to tuberculosis, and Ryosaku collapses after working night and day to complete the business' restoration. Masa will now be the sole source of support for this extended family. Her task is overwhelming even with the assistance of Kimura, a family friend, who helps run the laundry. When Ryosaku dies, Masa yields to cirumstance. With great reluctance, she recognizes that supporting one daughter and her nephew is all she can handle. Chako, her youngest child, is sent to live with in-laws. The widow is drawn closer to Kimura as they work side by side. When Toshiko realizes the blossoming fondness between her mother and Kimura, she invokes her father's memory, and frowns upon Kimura. What has happened to Masa's hopes of happiness and family unity? Never maudlin or melodramatic, Mother reveals the resilience and determination of the Japanese during the postwar era. It is director Miko Naruse at his finest."
Data Entry Date: 2/15/2000