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Program Title: Kamikaze Girls
EASC Code: JK-25
Series Title:
Region/Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Subject: Movie & TV Drama
Program Type:
Media Type: DVD
Director: Tetsuya Nakashima
Producer: Yuji Ishida, Takashi Hirano
Release Date:
Running Time: 103 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: Meet Momoko, a self-absorbed dreamer who fantasizes about fleeing her backcountry home and living life in the 18th century Versailles. When she unexpectedly meets the rebellious Ichigo, a rough-and-tumble biker chick, the two misfits form a unique friendship- together, nothing can stop them! Born from the pages of favorite cult author Novala Takemoto, Kamikaze Girls is a frenetic roller-coaster ride brimming with day-glo visuals and wild hilarity that you will never forget!
Data Entry Date: 12/5/2006