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Program Title: Classical Japan and the Tale of Genji (552-1185)
EASC Code: JJ-16
Series Title: Japanese History and Literature
Region/Country: Japan
Language: English
Subject: History, Literature
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type: VHS
Producer: Columbia University's Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum of Schools and Colleges
Release Date: 1996
Running Time: 45 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: "The Japanese genius for deliberate cultural borrowing. Examples of key elements borrowed from China at this time include the centralized political state, Buddhism, Confucianism, and a written script. The evolution of waka poetry and prose demonstrates how the Japanese adapted the written script to their own spoken language and cultural tastes. Also discussed are the literary contributions of women during the height of Japanese court culture, including the Tale of Genji."
Data Entry Date: 5/11/1999