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Program Title: Minwa- Two Traditional Tales
EASC Code: JJ-13
Series Title: Japanese Culture: Old & New
Region/Country: Japan
Language: English
Subject: Anthropology & Folklore
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type: VHS
Producer: NHK
Release Date: 1990
Running Time: 30 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: "The stories of 'A Crane Who Returned the Favor' and 'Kaguya-hime (Princess Kaguya),' like most Japanese folktales, reflect human dilemmas and help children to dream impossible dreams, revere nature, and feel compassion during their lives on earth. Both are delicate stories portraying human generosity, sacrifice, temptation, loss, and duty. They both reveal the Japanese love of surprises and have what American children would take as tragic endings. For Japanese children, unhappy endings are not necessarily tragic. They are part of life - inevitable and perhaps changeable, at another time or in another place."
Data Entry Date: 1/27/1999