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Program Title: Hiroshima
EASC Code: JH-26
Series Title: BBC History of World War II
Region/Country: Japan, United States
Language: English
Subject: History, Movie & TV Drama
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type:
Release Date: 2005
Running Time: 92 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: Set in the weeks from the first test explosion in New Mexico to the eventual dropping of the bomb, Hiroshima takes viewers into the room where the crucial political decisions were made; on board the Enola Gay on her fateful journey and even inside the bomb as it explodes. On the streets of Hiroshima, we witness the devastation. Nearly 100,000 people were killed instantly and those who managed to survive -in spite of the lethal heat blast, the colossal shockwave and the invisible effects of gama radiation -tell stories of a living nightmare. Using archive footage, state-of-the-art visual techniques and dramatic reconstruction based on unprecedented access to protagonists and witnesses, Hiroshima places the dropping of the bomb in its historical and political context and unflinchingly depicts the effects of the nuclear explosion.
Data Entry Date: 7/31/2007