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Program Title: Hokusai- The Art of Printmaking
EASC Code: JH-18
Series Title:
Region/Country: Japan
Language: English
Subject: Arts & Music
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type: VHS
Producer: Art Video Productions
Release Date:
Running Time: 41 min.
Color or BW:
Program Abstract: The Hokusai video gives a charming synopsis of the life and works of this great Japanese Artist and his tremendous influence in art history. The genius of Hokusai and his communication through a variety of themes, media, styles, and techniques is the main focus of the film. The narrator also has great fun in showing the students the “character” of Hokusai and his funny antics, which they enjoy! He becomes a “real person” to the students!
There are actually 4 very specific art lessons on this video. The first one being Printmaker. The demonstration goes step by step-from start to finish to do a block print safely. The second lesson has two parts-part 1 is on Haiku Poetry and creating a simple cardboard print! This can be used in 3rd through 7th grade. Part 2 gives a unique lesson on Positive/Negative printmaking. Lesson 4 is a beautiful demonstration on Japanese Sumi painting. Ms. Lebo shows all materials needed (simple for your home or classroom) and exactly how a Japanese artist performs that ritual! Quiet tranquility in the art
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