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East Asia

Program Title: The World At War Volume 4
EASC Code: AW-07
Series Title:
Region/Country: Asia
Language: English
Subject: History
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type: DVD
Release Date:
Running Time: 260 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract:This is the definitive film about World War II, made using the most dramatic documetnary footage ever seen. An astounding, powerful and informative work, THE WORLD AT WAR features penetrating interviews with statemen and military leaders of the time, in addition to action at the fronts and in the war rooms around the world. Futhur, THE WORLD AT WAR chronicles events through the experiences of ordinary men and women- American, British, German, Japanese and Russian, uninformed and civilian- who lived and fought through the most momentous conflict in world history.

Volume Four:

The Bomb-February- September 1945
Reckoning- 1945 and after
Bonus DVD Programming:
Secretary to Hitler
From War to Peace
Data Entry Date: 1/24/2005