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East Asia

Program Title: Asian Television Commercials
EASC Code: AW-03
Series Title: Windows on Asia-Pacific
Region/Country: Asia
Language: English
Subject: Sociology
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type: DVD & VHS
Producer: Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Release Date: 2003
Running Time: 49 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: Media visionary Marshall Mcluhan once observed that advertising provides the richest and most faithful reflection of a society's culture. What, then, do television commersials reveal about the non-Western world? This documentary examines how sensibilities differ between East and West as seen through the lens of advertising images. TV commercials from locations in the Asia-Pacific region such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, and the Republic of Korea are highlighted. The uniquely Eastern spin on this slick Western advertising medium demonstrates a blending of heritages that takes the world a step closer to McLuhan's global village.
Data Entry Date: 10/15/2003