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East Asia

Program Title: Battle for the Marianas
EASC Code: AC-08
Series Title: Crusade in the Pacific
Region/Country: Asia
Language: English
Subject: History
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type: DVD & VHS
Release Date: 2000
Running Time: 120 min.
Color or BW: BW
Program Abstract:Battle for the Marianas
North of New Guinea, the small Mariana Islands lie in a string leading toward Tokyo. A marine Private offers his recollections of amphibious landings, while wartime footage shows troops and ordance poring ashore under heavy opposition. Intensive naval, air, tank battles and urban combat ensue as Japan's armies are repulsed from the Marianas.

The War in the China-Burma-India Theater
A crucial Allied supply line form India into China is lost when Burma falls to the enemy. Ingenious deploying allt he scarce available resources, the Allies construct a new overland route and fight to retake Burma. This is the stirring tale of the bold military and engineering feats undertaken to assist beleaguered China, and expand allied control on the Asian mainland.

Palau: The Fight for Bloody Nose Ridge
Footage of underwater demolition teams at work provides a unique prelude to the memorable story of Palau's invasion. During the campaign, U.S. troops face a hideous fight over Bloody Nose Ridge, a rocky mountain honeycombed with well defended caves. Astonishing film offers a soldier's eye view of some of the most horrendously tough ground warfare ever encountered in the Pacific.

MacArthur Returns to the Philippines
General MacAuthur's solemn promise to return to the Philippines is fulfilled in grand style. At Leyte Gulf, American warships and planes deal a spectacular defeat to a counterattacking Japanese navy. Animated maps and front line footage shot by both sides illustate the full story of the Philippines liberation. Includes coverage of devasting urban combat in Manila.

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