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East Asia

Program Title: The Rise of the Japanese Empire
EASC Code: AC-06
Series Title: Crusade in the Pacific
Region/Country: Asia
Language: English
Subject: History
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type: DVD & VHS
Release Date: 2000
Running Time: 120 min.
Color or BW: BW
Program Abstract: The Rise of the Japanese Empire
Japan's armies surge into Manchuria. There, the Chinese must labor to exploit their own nation's resources and infrastructure to the invaders' benefit. Meanwhile, the Japanese militarists eagerly plan their next conquests. America goes to war after a surprise Japanese bombing raid spectacularly pulverizes the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

America goes to War in the Pacific
Allied and Japanese films bring home the ferocity of Japan's lightning-fast attacks all across the vast Pacific. Meanwhile, American troops are put through their paces training of the innumerable landings soon to come. Rarely seen footage shows combat exercises simulating movement under fire, complete with live ammunition.

The U.S. and the Philippines
The war begins badly for America as the Philippines fall prey to Japanese invasion. A thorough study of the archipelago's politics and armed forces sets the stage for gripping scenes of heavy combat. Japan attacks first with air raids, then troop landings. After the heroic defense at Corregidor, General Wainwright is forced to surrender.

The Navy Holds-1942
Stirring film footage, animation and maps are combined to vividly illustrate a carrier-based bombing raid on Tokyo and battles of the Coral Sea and Midway. Dizzying aerial dogfights, air attacks on ships and spectacular naval gunfire feature prominently in this coverage of America's early successes in the Pacific. Admiral Nimitz explains of fighting a wat across the Pacific's vast area.

Data Entry Date: 3/30/2005