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East Asia

Program Title: Crusade in the Pacific: Bloody IWO
EASC Code: AC-05
Series Title:
Region/Country: Asia
Language: English
Subject: History
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type: VHS
Release Date: 2000
Running Time: 120 min.
Color or BW: BW
Program Abstract:Crusade in the Pacific
Bloody IWO
Potentially invaluable as forward U.S. airbase, IWO Jima becomes the scene of earthsaking bombardments and a n epic, bloody battle. A mountain redoubt, kamikaze attacks and loose sand that bogs down troops and vehicles complicate the assault. A steady stream of casualities leaves the fortress island as American firepower pounds the fanatical Japanese defenders for five weeks.

At Japan's Doorstep: OKINAWA
American and Japanese footage provides a close-up view of another intense island battle. A U.S. amphibious landing of unprecedented size seeks to claim a new base from which to disrupt the enemy's supply lines. Ferocious combat sequences tell the whole story of the Okinawa offensive step by step, including Kamikaze raids and infantry action in atrociously difficult weather.

The Air War on Jpan
From the Asian mainland and newly liberated islands, American airborne firepower hammers at Japan. Dizzying film sequences capture the awesome sights of bombing missions and aerial dogfights. America fields a new and incredibly destructive weapon- the atom bomb. Footage demonstrates the raw power of the weapon in weapon- the atom bomb. Footage demonstrates the raw power of the weapon in testing and at Hiroshima. Japan surrenders.

The Surrender and Occupation of Japan
Extensive footage documents military, political and social events in Japan following the war's conclusion. Sequences include: Japan's historic formal surrender abroad the battleship Missouri; a war crimes tribunal sentencing Premier Tojo to death for his pivotal role in Japan's aggressive war; the extensive changes in Japanese politics and women's right; warm new acceptance of the American people and culture.

Data Entry Date: 3/29/2005