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Video Lending Library

East Asia

Title Code Number
Art of Asia, The: India, Southeast Asia, China, Korea, and Japan (The Walch Multicultural Art Series) AA01
Attack In the Central Pacific: Makin and Tarawa - Crusade In the Pacific AC09
Battle At Midway, The - National Geographic AB02
Bloody IWO - Crusade in the Pacific AC05
Bring Asia To Your Classroom - Nightly Business Report AB01
Chinese Painting, Art of Japan - Oriental Art AO01
Clay Figures, Animals, and Landscapes AC01
Cleveland Museum of Art, The AC03
Cleveland Museum of Art, The - VHS: Sister Wendy’s American Collection AC04
Creative Adventures of ISAMU Noguchi, The AC02
Crusade In the Pacific: Battle For the Marianas AC08
Crusade In the Pacific: Guadalcanal: America’s First Offensive AC07
Crusade In the Pacific: The Rise of the Japanese Empire AC06
East Asia In Transition AE01
Eui Kyu Kim AE02
How To Visit an Art Museum AH02
Human Geography: People, Places, and Change 10 - The World Of the Dragon AH01
Manabu Paints a Picture AM01
Masks and Face Coverings AM03
Masks From Many Cultures Videos and Prints AM02
Masterpiece Children’s Art Video Series - Hokusai - The Life & Works Of, The Art of Printmaking AH03
Mission, The AM04
Pacific Century, The 1 - The Two Coasts of China: Asia and the Challenge of the West AP01
Pacific Century, The 2 - Meiji: Asia’s Response To the West AP02
Pacific Century, The 3 - From the Barrel of a Gun AP03
Pacific Century, The 4 - Writers and Revolutionaries AP04
Pacific Century, The 5 - Reinventing Japan AP05
Pacific Century, The 6 - Inside Japan, Inc. AP06
Pacific Century, The 7 - Big Business and Ghost of Confucius AP07
Pacific Century, The 8 - The Fight for Democracy AP08
Pacific Century, The 9 - Sentimental Imperialists: America in Asia AP09
Pacific Century, The 10 - The Future of the Pacific Basin AP10
Power of Place, The: World Regional Geography 11 & 12 - Regions and Economies & The Japanese Paradox: Small Farms and Mega-Cities AP11
Power of Place, The: World Regional Geography 22 - Life in China’s Frontier Cities AP12
Power of Place, The: World Regional Geography 23 & 24 - China’s Metropolitan Heartland & The Booming Maritime Edge AP13
Pacific Century Preview AP14
Paper and Silk: The Conservation of Asian Works of Art AP15
People’s Century: Asia Rising AP16
Virginia Festival of the Book: Red Scarf Girl: A memoir of the Cultural Revolution AR01
Windows On Asia-Pacific: Asian Television Commercials AW03
Windows To the World - China AW01
Windows To the World - Japan AW02
The World At War: Volume 1 AW04
The World At War Volume 2 AW05
The World At War Volume 3 AW06
The World At War Volume 4 AW07
The World At War Volume 5 AW08