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Video Lending Library


Title Code Number
Amazing Marriage Customs CA03
Art of Chinese Tea & Chinese New Year’s Dishes CA02
Ashes of Time CA04
At Middle Age CA01
Beijing Bicycle CB11
Beijing People [Beijing pen] CB07
Big Bird In China CB10
Big Mill [Damofang] CB01
Big Road [Da lu] CB02
Bill Clinton and Jiang Zemin Press Conference: 6/26/98 CB04
Black Cannon Incident [Hei pao shi jian] CB06
Blue Kite, The CB08
Blush CB05
Boatman’s Daughter [Chuanjia nu] CB03
Breaking The Silence CB09
Cala, My Dog CC39
Century of Cinema, The - Yin: GeYang & Gender in Chinese Cinema CY01
Cheng the Fruit Seller [Zhi guo yuan / Laogong zhi aiqing] CC01
China CC24
China and the Forbidden City CC14
China Century of Enlightenment - Saga Of Hua Mulan CS22
China Emerging Powers (An Insider’s Guide) CC03
China News Stories CC27
China Now CC17
China, A Century of Revolution 1 - China in Revolution 1911-1949 CC05
China, A Century of Revolution 2 - The Mao Years 1949-1976 CC06
China, A Century of Revolution 3 - Born Under the Red Flag 1976-1997 CC07
China, The Beautiful CC25
China: Ancient Rhythms & Modern Currents CC13
China: Dynasties of Power CC15
China: Hanging Coffins CC30
China’s Boxer Rebellion CC31
China’s Cosmopolitan Age: The Tang CC09
Chinese Animation CC26
Chinese Brush Painting CC37
Chinese Calligraphy CC23
Chinese Feast, The CC40
Chinese Ghost Story, A CC28
Chinese Ghost Story, A: the Tsui Hark Animation CC34
Chinese History Series - China: Coming to the West CC22
Chinese History Series - China: Heavenly Khan CC20
Chinese History Series - China: Hundred Schools to One CC19
Chinese History Series - China: The Beginners CC18
Chinese History Series - China: Under the Mongols CC21
Chinese New Year CC36
Chinese Odyssey I - Pandora’s Box CC32
Chinese Odyssey II - Cinderella CC33
Chinese Opera: Deben Battacharya CC38
Chinese See and Say, A CC35
Chunking Express CC04
City of Sadness CC08
Cityscape CC02
Confucian Tradition, The 1 - The Confucian Tradition CC10
Confucian Tradition, The 2 - The Confucian Tradition in Literature - Chinese Poetry: Origin of a Literary Tradition CC11
Confucian Tradition, The 3 - The Confucian Tradition in Literature - Poetry of the Tang and Later Dynasties CC12
Confucius: Words of Wisdom CC16
Country Teachers CC29
Day on the Grand Canal with the Emperor of China, A CD05
Day the Sun Turned Gold, The CD03
Diary of a Homecoming CD01
Dream in Paradise [Tiantang chunmeng] CD02
Dull-Ice Flower, The [Lu bing hua] CD04
East Palace, West Palace CE05
Eat Drink Man Woman CE01
Eight Tales of Gold [Yi jin huan xiang] CE02
Emperor and the Assassin, The CE04
Emperor’s Eye, The: Art and Poem in Imperial China CE03
Faces of Compassion - Buddha Empathy CF15
Faces of Compassion - Buddha Enlightenment CF14
Fallen Angels CF13
Families of the World - Families of China CF12
Family, The CF04
Farewell My Concubine CF03
Fast Food Van [Kuai can che] CF06
February CF05
Fisherman’s Song CF01
Flower of Shanghai CF07
Flying Cranes CF02
Forbidden City: The Great Within CF09
From Beijing with Love CF08
From Confucius to Mao CF10
From Mao to Mozart CF11
Gate of Heavenly Peace, The (Excerpt) CG06
Gate to Heavenly Peace, The: Part I & II CG01
Girl in Red, The CG05
Girls From Shanghai CG02
Glimpse of Chinese New Year & Chinese Children’s Games CG09
God of Cookery, The CG07
Goddess, The [Shen nu] CG03
Going to School with Dad on My Back CG11
Good Men, Good Women CG10
Great Wall, A CG04
Guide, The [Xiang dao] CG08
Haerbin City in the Dark [Ye mu xia de ha cr bin] - Episode 1 - 6 CH07
Haerbin City in the Dark [Ye mu xia de ha cr bin] - Episode 7 - 13 CH08
Happy Times CH12
Happy Together CH02
Heart of China: A Journey through the Artist’s Eye CH14
Heart of China: The Story of a Handscroll Masterpiece CH13
Herdsman, The CH04
Hero CH18
Hibiscus Town CH03
Hole, The CH10
Home Coming [Huansiang] CH06
Hong Kong Reversion to China CH05
Hope in the World CH01
Horse Thief, The CH09
Human Rights in China CH11
I Will Marry Him [Wo kan jia gei ta] CI03
Imperial Treasures of Chinese Art - Memories of Imperial Glory CI05
Imperial Treasures of Chinese Art - Theme Tours CI06
In the Heat of the Sun CI04
Iron and Silk [Tie yu si] CI02
It’s My Day Off [Jintian wo xiuxi] CI01
Journey To Xia Xia Empire CJ01
King of Masks, The CK01
Ladies of the Lake, The CL11
The Legend of Drunken Master CL12
Legend of Pearl Flower, The [Zhu hua huan qi] CL07
Legend of Tian Yun Mountain, The [Tian yun shan chuan qi] CL08
Li Shuang-Shuang CL04
Liauhua Symphony - 8 Episodes CL01
Lin Family Shop, The CL05
Ling Shan-bo and Zhu Ying-tai CL06
Little Cheung CL09
Little Play Things [Xiao wanyi] CL02
Long Live Mistress [Taitai wangsui] CL03
Love on a Diet CL13
Love Songs of the Miao in China CL10
Madame Jiang [Song Meiling] CM03
Mahjong CM04
Meishu: Travels in Chinese Art CM06
Meishu: Travels in Chinese Art (1992) CM09
Ming in Minnesota CM07
Mission, The /// Cheong feng (1999) CM10
Modern Chinese - Lesson 1 - 48 CM01
Modern Chinese - Lesson 49 - 80 CM02
Morning Sun CM08
My Rice Noodle Shop CM05
Myth, The CM13
Neighbors CN02
New Year Coin, A [Ya sui qian] CN01
New Year Sacrifice CN03
Nezha Conquers the Dragon King; Jiazi Saves the Deer; Bell on a Deer (Chinese version) CN04
Night Girl AKA Women Around the World CW08
Not One Less CN05
Nu Shu: A Hidden Language of Chinese Women CN06
Old Memories of Southern Peking [Cheng nan jiu shi] CO01
Personals, The CP06
Please Vote for Me CP07
Porcelain for Emperors CP03
Postmen In The Mountains CP05
Project A CP02
Puppetmaster, The CP04
Pushing Hands CP01
Queen of Sports CQ01
Raise the Red Lantern CR01
Re-cycle CR12
Red Cherry CR04
Red Detachment of Women [Honse nianzijun] CR02
Red Dresses Are in Fashion [Jie shang liu xing hong gun zi] CR07
Red Sorghum CR08
Religions of China CR10
Return from Silence: China’s Revolutionary Writers CR03
Richshaw Boy CR05
River Elegy [He shang]: Part 4 - 6 CR06
Rouge CR09
Saga of Mulan CS25
China Century of Enlightenment - Saga Of Hua Mulan CS22
Secret Life of Chairman Mao, The CS18
Serf CS01
Shanghai Triad CS10
Short Chinese TV Plays - Part 1 CS14
Short Chinese TV Plays - Part 2 CS15
Shower CS23
Silk CS28
Silk Road CS13
Silk Road, The - An Ancient World of Adventure - Glories of Ancient Chang-an CS02
Silk Road, The - An Ancient World of Adventure - In Search of the Kingdom of Lou-Lan CS03
Silk Road, The - An Ancient World of Adventure - The Art Gallery in the Desert CS04
Silk Road, The - An Ancient World of Adventure - The Dark Castle CS05
Silk Road, The: An Ancient World of Adventure - A Thousand Kilometers Beyond the Yellow River CS12
Small Happiness, A CS21
Soong Sisters, The CS19
Sorrows and Joys of a Middle-Aged Man [Ai le Zhongnian] CS06
Sparrow Village CS24
Spring in a Small Town [Xiaocheng zhi chun] CS07
Spring Silkworms [Chun can] CS08
Story of Qui Ju, The CS09
Story of the Weeping Camel, The CS26
Strange Friend [Me sheng de peng you] CS17
Street Angel [Malu Tianshi] CS11
Sultan’s Lost Treasure CS20
Sunset Street [Xi zhao jie] CS16
Talk about Yangtze River [Hua shuo chang jiang] CT07
Third Sister Liu CT05
This Love of Mine [Wo de ai] CT06
Three Disapprovals [San buyuan yi] CT08
Through Chinese Women’s Eyes CT12
To Live CT01
Together CT13
Tonight There Is a Blizzard [Jin ye you bao feng xue] - Part 1 CT09
Tonight There Is a Blizzard [Jin ye you bao feng xue] - Part 2 CT10
Trav’s Travels - China CT11
True Story of Ah Q, The CT04
Tug of War: The Story of Taiwan CT03
Tunnel War [Didao zhan] CT02
Unknown Pleasures CU02
U.S. Japan Relations: The View from Both Sides of the Pacific CU03
Unruly Dragon: The Yellow River (Modern Life in China Series) CU01
Vive L’Amour CV01
Wedding Banquet, The CW06
What Time Is It There? CW07
Wild Swans - Jung Chang CW05
Wind of Three Gorges, The CW03
Withered Tree [Ku mu feng chun] CW01
Wooden Man’s Bride CW02
World of Art, A: Works in Progress 4 - Hung Liu CW04
Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl CX01
Xu Beihong - Part 1 & 2 CX03
Xu Beihong - Part 3 & 4 CX04
Xu Beihong - Part 5 - 7 CX05
Xue jiao ji CX02
Yangtze: New China and the Old River CY05
Yellow Earth [Hong tu di] CY02
Yi Yi CY06
Young Generation, The [Xiao zi bei] CY03
Zhou Yu’s Train CZ01