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Program Title: the True Story of Ah Q
EASC Code: CT-04
Series Title:
Region/Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subject: Movie & TV Drama, Literature
Program Type: Feature
Media Type: VHS
Director: Cen Fan
Release Date: 1981
Running Time: 125 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: "This film is based on Lu Xun's famous short story, which takes place in Weizhuang village in Zhijiang province before and during the 1911 Revolution. It portrays Ah Q as a poor, backward and foolish peasant. Ah Q has no regular work; he ekes out a living doing odd jobs for others. He is diligent and capable, yet he suffers from every sort of deprivation. He does not even have a surname. One day, he tries to seduce a maidservant in the Chao Househod, where he works as a handyman. As a result, he is beaten and losed all his meger possessions. He is left with only a pair of trousers. With no other way out, Ah Q goes to town in search of a job. There, he joins a group of thieves and steals some worn-out clothes which he sells upon his return to Weizhuang. He becomes rich, and is seen in a new light by the villagers. When the revolution breaks out, Ah Q impulsively wants to join the movement and attempts to rebel. Unfortunately, he is framed and sent to prison for alleged looting. He is eventually executed, without ever realizing what is happening to him. Through Ah Q's fate, the film tells the tragic story of the poor peasants in the feudal society and points out the shortcomings of the 1911 Revolution."
Data Entry Date: 2/28/2000