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Program Title: Forbidden City: The Great Within
EASC Code: CF-09
Series Title:
Region/Country: China
Language: English
Subject: History
Program Type: Documentary
Media Type:
Producer: Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Release Date: 2003
Running Time: 51 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: Narrated by Rod Steiger, this timeless program explores the history of imperial China through its sybolic heart: Beijing, the "Forbidden City." The program gives a visually stunning tour of the hub of the world's oldest bureaucracy and center for all Chinese government, a city containing schools, temples, theaters, exquisite gardens, and 240 acres of palaces. Period paintings, etchings, archival material, and readings from 1,000 years of imperial diaries complement this unprecedented access to a capital long closed to the outside world. A Discovery Channel Production.
Data Entry Date: 10/02/2003