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Program Title: China: Dynasties of Power
EASC Code: CC-15
Series Title:
Region/Country: China
Language: English
Subject: History, Archaeology
Program Type :Documentary
Media Type: VHS
Producer: Time/Life Lost Civilizations
Release Date: 1995
Running Time: 48 min.
Color or BW: Color
Program Abstract: "[This video] traces the rise of China's earliest dynasty, the Shang - savage, aristocratic hunter-warriors steeped in superstition and ritual human sacrifice. Then, it examines the dawn of the golden age of philosophic enlightenment during the dynasty of the Chou, followed by the rise of Ch'in Shihuang Di, China's first emperor, who would raise the Great Wall on the blood and sweat of his vast slave-labor armies. From the stunningly lifelike, full-size terra cotta soldiers buried by the thousands at Xi'an, to the vibrant imperial court of the fabled Forbidden City; from the world's first system of justice to the perfection of warfare, it's a revealing glimpse into the majesty - and savagery - of China's ancient 'Dynasties of Power.'"
Data Entry Date: 5/11/1999