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Indiana University


K-12 Educators & Students

Japanese Children’s Art

EASC is excited to announce that Japanese children’s artwork is now being exhibited in EASC’s conference room and in the director’s room. This exhibit, open to the public starting December, 2012, includes 20 examples of children’s artwork from the Society for the Promotion of Art in Education, Japan. The society organizes an annual national exhibition of children’s art. These works were selected from the collection of the prize-winning submissions of the 71st National Exhibition of Art in Education in Japan.

The artwork was displayed at the Conference for the International Society for Education through Art & the United States Society for Education through Art (InSEA/USSEA), June 23-26, 2012 held in Indiana. EASC gratefully received 12 copies (not originals) to display in the center.

We would like to express our appreciation to Marjorie Cohee Manifold, Professor of Art Education Program, Curriculum & Instruction, Indiana University for giving EASC the opportunity to have them in our collection.

Feel free to visit, download and enjoy the children’s wonderful artwork! To download please click on the artwork title or image. Please do not use these works of art for any non-educational purposes.


The House With One Hundred Stories

Yuta Date

5-year old

Akebono Pre-school (Kyoto, Japan)


Comment: I drew a house where I could meet and play with various animals. I transformed myself into a burglar and came to play.


In the Earth


Sōta Fukagawa

1st Grader

Minomi Elementary School

(Hiroshima, Japan)

Comment: I made this picture to represent a scene showing little mole and mouse children, together with all their family members, making tables and chairs for cheerful study at school.  I enjoyed visualizing the inside of their hole.


Fancy Birds

Marika Nakao

1st Grader

Makishima Elementary School

(Saga, Japan)

Comment: The garden at my house has many flowers, and attracts many butterflies. I drew those butterflies and added musical notes to them.


Straw Hats for Jizo

Misuzu Gotō

2nd Grader

Nakagō Elementary School

(Gunma, Japan)

Comment: I represented a scene in which Jizo worked very hard carrying heavy presents. I elaborated a different face to convey each of Jizo’s feelings.


Dream House

Ryota Matsuda

2nd Grader

Hisaeda Elementary School

(Ehime, Japan)

Comment: I drew a scene of playing in houses connected by trees and many ladders. I enjoyed making a picture of playing games such as tag and hide-and-seek with my friends.


A Big Tree

Haruto Doi

3rd Grader

Kōhoku Elementary School

(Saga, Japan)

Comment: I felt that a big tree swaying in the wind and spreading its leaves was beautiful. I enjoyed painting with various colors to distinguish the beauty of the leaves.


Nada Fight Festival


Rui Okazaki

4th Grader

Shirahama Elementary School

(Hyōgo, Japan)

Comment: I made a picture to represent the Fight Festival in Nada where I live. I drew many people, expressing the impact of the actual festival, and worked out the patterns of stalls carefully in exact detail.


Roller on the Tree

Shiori Manobori

5th Grader

Nyuta Elementary School

(Miyazaki, Japan)

Comment: I used newspapers in order to represent the roller. It was hard to draw the individual feather. I drew the tree with wooden chopsticks. I like the color of the tree mixed with black.


Trees in the Light of the Sunset


Mana Imaseki

6th Grader

Mizusawa Elementary School

(Chiba, Japan)

Comment: The sight of the forest unfolding with the orange color of the sunset is one that makes me happy. I devised the gradation of color for the trees around the pond and on the surface of the water by mixing violet, blue, and green.


Daylight and Cloud

Taisei Ishimaru

6th Grader

Nishikaratsu Elementary School

(Saga, Japan)

Comment: This picture shows the image of daylight streaming among the clouds. I devised patterns not only in the same size, but also combined those of various sizes.



Takeshi Kaerimi


Nika Junior High School

(Miyagi, Japan)

Comment: I use pencils in bulk. I concentrated on the pencils that were too small to be used and tried to convey my appreciation for them.


Star Festival


Ayane Kimura


Ibaraki University Junior High School

(Ibaraki, Japan)

Comment: I drew the small parts of ornaments very carefully, and tried to represent colors as they actually appeared to me. I also tried to express my impressions of the festival scene.


All Alive

Rumi Watanabe


Kashiwa-Daini Junior High School

(Chiba, Japan)

Comment: In this picture, I wanted to convey the message that all livings are associated with the cycle of rebirth and that they are equal.


Anano Hashidate

Rikako Matsukawa


Kumihama Junior High School

(Kyoto, Japan )

Comment: In this picture, I wanted to express the representative scenery of Japan, Amano Hashidate. I depicted the mountains and from a perspective that would represent the feelings of summer.


Zinc Roof of the Farm House

Takaaki Murata


Zenbo Junior High School

(Hyōgo, Japan)

Comment: This was the last work of art for me to produce in junior high school, and because of this I concentrated a great deal on drawing this picture. My friend told me that I used too much red, but I decided to finish it using color in my own way.


A Scene for the Last Time

Serina Samezima


Yoshidakita Junior High School

(Kagoshima, Japan)

Comment: I drew a scene combining leaves with a picture of the place that I used to see from the elementary school, which has been taken down.


Train Course

Masataka Mori

Junior High School

Ichinomiyahigashi Special-needs School

(Aichi, Japan)

Comment: In this picture, I wanted to show my own image of each train, and to express their individual characteristics. I called up an image of a town by drawing houses, and expressed the landscape most familiar to me.





Kōsei Nishimura

4th Grader

Hiroshima University Attached Elementary School

(Hiroshima, Japan)

Comment: I created this picture after envisioning candies falling from the sky while listening to the sounds of candies knocking together in a plastic bag or clunking in an aluminum can. I converted those sounds into forms by sticking a piece of string onto the paper. I then created a stamp using a custom-made block dipped into India ink, and blown with an atomizer. I wrote a haiku based on the result: “Intersecting! Various sweets falling down.”




Haruka Nanba

2nd Grader

Hiroshima University Attached Mihara Elementary School

(Hiroshima, Japan)

Comment: I created this picture with a poem, while reflecting on the fact that animals need nature to live.  This picture represents how important and wonderful nature is. I intended to express my concern for nature in my work.


Dragon-Fish Eating a Fish

Kōchi Shusaku

3rd Grader

Hiroshima University Attached Mihara Elementary School

(Hiroshima, Japan)

Comment: I have created and named a dragon-fish, and depicted it trying to eat a smaller fish in one gulp. I also depicted a moray eel in a tunnel under the earth, along with sun-light and various kinds of fishes.