Child Care Enrollment Policies

For the Indiana University, Bloomington campus

Child care services are offered on the Bloomington campus for the children of IUB students, staff and faculty as well as for children from the Bloomington community. All of the IUB child care programs give first enrollment priority to children with parents that have an IUB affiliation. The IUB child care centers welcome the enrollment of all children regardless of race, color, religion, age, gender, disability, or national origin. Whenever requested, the Family Handbook, program policies, and other information and communication will be made available to families in a language other than English.

Waiting List Policies

The waiting lists for Campus Children’s Center, Campus View Child Care Center, and Hoosier Courts Cooperative Nursery School operate on a first come, first served basis.

  • With the four exceptions identified below, when an opening occurs, the first child on the waiting list of the appropriate age will be offered the slot.
  • If the parent of the first child declines the slot, the program will offer the slot to the next age appropriate child on the waiting list until the slot is filled.
  • If a family declines a slot a second time, their child will go to the end of the waiting list.


  1. Parents with an IUB affiliation will be given priority for enrolling their child(ren) over parents from the Bloomington community. When an enrollment opening occurs, children of the appropriate age with an IUB affiliation on the waiting list will be given priority over any children from the community.
  2. Some programs, because of specific financial support, may give enrollment priority to certain groups, such as students, residents of apartment housing, or employees of a specific department.
  3. Siblings of children currently or previously enrolled in a program will be given priority for enrollment.
  4. Programs may skip over names on the waiting list in order to maintain a gender and/or age balance in their classrooms.

Accommodations for Children with Disabilities

If a child with a disability requires accommodations in order to participate in the child care program, parents should refer to Procedure for Requesting Accommodations for Enrollment in an IUB Child Care Center. This document is available from the center director.