Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy at Campus View Child Care Center is child centered and developmentally based.  It is based on knowledge that young children learn through their direct interactions with their environment and the people within it. The Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards: Birth to Five, serve as a tool to illustrate how our curriculum meets academic standards and reflects our belief that the whole child must considered in order to best support all aspects of development.  Experiences relevant to children’s daily lives, including exploring the natural world, are used to enhance daily learning.  A large part of the day is comprised of free choice time where the children explore the classroom and the materials within it.

Through an emergent curriculum teachers observe, document and plan an environment that is safe, challenging, and supportive of individual and group development following a variety of pedagogical influences.  Children are given choices and are provided opportunities to join with others in play and work.  They have time to play, think, relax, and observe while in a protective safe environment under the watchful eyes of professional educators.  A key element in curriculum planning is our commitment to relationship based care.  Relationship based care affords teachers long term knowledge of each child’s individual development which guides the planning of current and future learning opportunities.

The curriculum that results from this philosophy is open-ended and based on the children’s choices.  Therefore, the curriculum is dynamic in that it changes with the interests, needs, and development of the children.