Procedures at IU Bloomington

II. Student Disciplinary Procedures

A. Academic Misconduct

The academic misconduct procedures address two key issues: (1) whether misconduct has
occurred, and (2) if so, what sanctions are appropriate.

As set out more fully below, various people and offices play specific roles in resolving these two issues. Whether misconduct has occurred in a particular course, and if so, whether a particular academic sanction (failing grade, repeating an assignment, etc.) is an appropriate response to a finding of misconduct in the course, is handled by the faculty member involved and, if a student appeals the faculty member’s determinations, by a hearing board within the school in which the misconduct allegedly occurred (College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, etc.).

The Office of the Dean of Students serves two roles with respect to academic misconduct. First, that office serves as the centralized record keeper throughout the process. Second, after a final determination within a school that a student has committed academic misconduct, the Dean of Students determines whether an additional, university-wide sanction (disciplinary probation, suspension, or expulsion) is appropriate based on the nature and severity of the misconduct and/or prior violations by the student.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs or Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education convenes Campus Review Boards to hear two types of appeals: first, a limited appeal by the student that a serious procedural error deprived the student of a full and fair opportunity to present his/her response to the misconduct charge; and second, an appeal by the student asserting that a university-wide sanction imposed by the Dean of Students is arbitrary or disproportionate.

Summary of Academic Misconduct Procedures Flowchart