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T251/ T651

Persian of Iran Today: An Introductory Course in Persian
Authored by Anousha Shahsavari & Blate Atwood
Department of Middle Eastern Studies & the Center for Middle Eastern Studies
University of Texas @ Austin
2014 (work in progress)

    Persian Book (pdf)        
11   12   13   14
0_KeyWords   0_KeyWords   1_Vocabulary1   Vocab 1
1_Vocabulary1   1_Vocabulary1   1_Vocabulary2   Vocab 2
1_Vocabulary2   1_Vocabulary2   1_Vocabulary3   Poem
1_Vocabulary3   1_Vocabulary3   1_Vocabulary4    
1_Vocabulary4   1_Vocabulary4   1_Vocabulary5    
1_Vocabulary5   1_Vocabulary5   2_Video1    
2_Video1   3_Vocabulary1   2_Video2    
3_Grammar1   3_Vocabulary2   3_Listening1    
3_Grammar2   4_Grammar1   3_Listening2    
3_Grammar3   4_Grammar2   3_Listening3    
3_Grammar4   4_Grammar3   4_Reading1    
4_Pronunciation1   5_pronunciation1   5_Grammar1    
4_Pronunciation2   5_Vocabulary1   5_Grammar2    
4_Pronunciation3   5_Vocabulary2   5_Grammar3    
4_Pronunciation4   5_Vocabulary2-old1   6_Grammar1    
4_Pronunciation5   6_Grammar   6_Grammar2    
4_Pronunciation6   7_Listening1   6_Grammar3    
4_Pronunciation7   7_Listening2   6_Grammar4    
5_Grammar1   7_Listening3   6_Grammar5    
5_Grammar2   7_Listening4   6_Grammar6    
5_Grammar3   7_Listening5   6_Grammar7    
5_Grammar4   8_Pronunciation   6_Grammar8    
5_Grammar5   9_culture   7_Pronunciation1    
5_Grammar6   10_conversation1   8_SpokenWritten1    
6_Culture1   10_conversation2   8_SpokenWritten2    
6_Culture2   10_Grammar1   8_SpokenWritten3    
7_SpokenWritten1   10_Grammar2   8_SpokenWritten4    
7_SpokenWritten2   10_Grammar3   8_SpokenWritten6    
8_Pronunciation1   10_Grammar4   8_SpokenWritten7    
8_Pronunciation2   10_Grammar5   9_Grammar2    
9_SpokenWritten1   11_Grammar   9_Grammar3    
9_SpokenWritten2   12_Reading   9_Grammar4    
10_Vocabulary1   13_Vocabulary   9_Grammar5    
10_Vocabulary2   14_SpokenWritten1   9_Grammar6    
10_Vocabulary3   14_SpokenWritten2   10_Conversation1    
11_Conversation1   15_Vocabulary   11_Reading1    
11_Conversation2   16_Grammar1   11_Reading2    
12_Reading   16_Grammar2   12_Vocabulary1    
13_Conversation   17_Conversation1   12_Vocabulary2    
14_Video1   17_Conversation2   13_Grammar1    
14_Video2   17_Conversation2-old1   13_Reading1    
    18_Video1   13_Reading1-old1    
    18_Video2   13_Reading2    
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