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Old and Middle English
Great Moments in Radio
The Firesign Theatre: Waiting for the Electrician
Language and Life in the U.S.A.
Monty Python
The Second John Masefield Story-Telling Festival
Mother Goose
Folk and Fairy Tales
Children's Stories
Oliver Twist; the Three Musketeers (for children)
English Nursery Rhymes
Uncle Remus Stories
Paul Sills' Story Theatre
Interpretation of Richard Wagner's Ring of the Niebelung
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy--Douglas Adams
The Best of Abbott and Costello
How to be a Jewish Mother--Gertrude Berg
Inside Shelley Berman
Lenny Bruce
Bertolt Brecht before the Committee on Un-American Activities
Bill Cosby
Current Poetry: lecture by Clayton Eshelman
The True Penelope & Circe's Hair: lecture by R. Fitzgerald
W.C. Fields
S. Friedberg: America, the Early Years (incomplete)
Edith Hamilton: Echoes of Greece
Timothy Leary
Myth of the Golden Age in the Renaissance--Harry Levin
Star Wars
Moms Mabley
H.L. Menken Speaking
The Medium is the Message--Marshall McLuhan
Invitation to Art--Brian O'Daherty
The Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers
Books and the Bad Life--Kenneth Allan Robinson
Allan Sherman
Upton Sinclair, lecture and interview (Lilly Library)
Best of Bloopers, Vol I
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown--Charles Schulz
Animal Tales in the Gullah Dialect
Lilly Tomlin KW1.01 Betty Walker
Frank Lloyd Wright on Record

American Patriotic & Marching Songs


1 The Star Spangled Banner
2 Stars & Stripes Forever
3 Semper Fidelis
4 The Caissons Go Rolling Along
5 El Capitan
6 Washington Post
7 Army Air Corps Song
8 Manhattan Beach

9 The Battle Hymn of the Republic
10 The Thunderer
11 Hands Across the Sea
12 The Halls of Montezuma
13 Picador March
14 Liberty March
15 Anchors Aweigh
16 My Country 'Tis of Thee

American Patriotic & Marching Songs


1 Get on Board Lil' Children
2 I've Been Working on the Railroad
3 Kalamazoo to Timbuctoo
4 Down By the Station
5 Paddy Works on the Railroad
6 Casey Jones
7 John Henry
8 Rio Grande

9 Erie Canal
10 Fifteen Years on the Erie Canal
11 Sailing Over the Bounding Main
12 Set Sail
13 Blow the Man Down
14 My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
15 Happy Flying


American Patriotic & Marching Songs


1 Yankee Doodle
2 On Top of Old Smokey
3 De Camptown Races
4 Oh Susanna
5 Buffalo Girls
6 Turkey in the Straw

7 The Bluetail Fly
8 Old Dan Tucker
9 Clementine
10 Boll Weevil
11 Drill Ye Tarriers
12 Dixie

  M01.05 Summer Is A' Comin' In, Sing Cuckoo --performed by Roland Collins and Chorus      

Woodie Guthrie: Three Hours of Songs and Conversation (1940) --Part I


1 Lost Train Blues
2 Railroad Blues
3 Rye Whiskey
4 Old Joe Clark
5 Beaumont Rag

6 Greenback Dollar
7 Boll Weevil Song
8 So Long, It's Been Good to Know You
9 Talking Dust Bowl Blues
10 Do-Re-Mi


Woodie Guthrie: Three Hours of Songs and Conversation (1940) --Part II


1 Hard Times
2 Pretty Boy Floyd
3 They Laid Jesus Christ in His Grave
4 Jolly Banker
5 I Ain't Got No Home

6 Dirty Overalls
7 Chain Around My Leg
8 Worried Man Blues
9 Lonesome Valley
10 Walking Down That Railroad Line


Woodie Guthrie: Three Hours of Songs and Conversation (1940) --Part III


1 Going Down That Road Feeling Bad
2 Dust Storm Disaster
3 Foggy Mountain Top
4 Dust Pneumonia Blues

5 California Blues
6 Dust Bowl Refugees
7 Will Rogers Highway
8 Los Angeles New Years Flood


Songs to Grow On by Woodie Guthrie --performed by Jack Elliot


1 Jig Along Home
2 Car Song
3 Swim Swim
4 Don't You Push Me Down
5 Why Oh Why
6 Put Your Finger in the Air
7 Wake Up
8 Pretty and Shiny-Oh

9 Clean-o
10 Pick It Up
11 Dance Around
12 How Dja Do
13 My Little Seed
14 Build A House
15 Needle Song
16 We All Work Together


Folk Songs and Instrumentals with Guitar --by Elizabeth Cotten (contents not listed)


This Is My Country --by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir


1 Star Spangled Banner
2 Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor
3 The Marseillaise
4 Battle Hymn of the Republic
5 My Country 'Tis of Thee
6 Hatikva
7 Johnny Comes Marching Home
8 The Heavens Are Falling
9 Dixie
10 Ballad of Brotherhood

11 Goin’ Home
12 America, The Beautiful
13 This Is My Country
14 Onward, Ye Peoples
15 Land of Hope and Glory
16 God Bless America
17 O Columbia, Gem of the Ocean
18 Onward, Christian Soldiers
19 The Maple Leaf Forever
20 Finlandia


Joy to UC (Free Speech Carols, 1964)


1 Oski Dolls
2 We 3 Deans
3 UC Administration
4 Jail to IBM
5 It Belongs to the University
6 Silent Night?

7 Call Out the Deans
8 Masters of Sproul Hall
9 God Rest Ye, Free Speech
10 Oh, Come All Ye Mindless
11 Joy to UC


Original Hootenanny


1 Skillet Good and Greasy --Bob Gibson and Bob Camp
2 Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down --Dian and the Greenbriar Boys
3 Trouble --Josh White
4 I'm A Soldier --Clara Ward Singers
5 Downbound Train --Hoyt Axton
6 Hooka Tooka --Judy Henske
7 Polyushka --Theodore Bikel
8 Lonesome Traveler --Limeliters
9 Mary Had a Baby --Glen Yarborough and Marilyn Child
10 Bulerias --Juan Serrano
11 Oh What A Beautiful City --Erik Darling
12 Cottonfields --The Travelers 3


America's Favorite Campfire Songs --featuring Ken Carson (contents not listed)

      1 2 3 4 5 6                  

The Quiet Sides of the New Christy Minstrels


1 Julianne
2 A Travelin' Man
3 I Know Where I'm Going
4 My Dear Mary Anne
5 Jimmy Grove and Barbara Allen
6 Last Farewell

7 Don't Cry, Suzanne
8 Beaucatcher Mountain
9 Liza Lee
10 In the Pines
11 Deep Blue Sea
12 Far Side of the Hill

Chad Mitchell Trio: Singin' Our Minds


1 Dubarry Done Gone Again
2 Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos
3 4 Strong Winds
4 Alma Mater
5 An Irish Song
6 I Feel So Good About It

7 The Marvelous Toy
8 Maladyozhenaya (The Young Ones)
9 Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
10 Bonny Streets of Fyve-lo
11 Willie Seton
12 Twelve Days


Peter, Paul, and Mary in Concert


1 The Times They Are A-Changin'
2 A "Soalin"
3 500 Miles
4 Blue
5 Three Ravens
6 One Kind Favor
7 Blowin' in the Wind
8 Car-Car
9 Puff the Magic Dragon

10 Jesus Met the Woman
11 Le Deserteur
12 Oh, Rock My Soul
13 Paul Talk
14 Single Girl
15 There Is A Ship
16 It's Raining
17 If I Had My Way
18 If I Had A Hammer


Tales for Singing: Our English Inheritance --Burl Ives


1 The Gallows Tree
2 The Keys of Canterbury
3 Billy Boy
4 My Boy Willie
5 The Wee Cooper O'Fife
6 Three Crowns
7 Barb’ry Allen
8 Sweet Kitty Klover
9 Mr. Froggie Went A-Courtin'
10 Edward
11 Waly, Waly
12 Gypsy's Wedding Day
13 Lily Munro
14 Widdicomb Fair
15 How Happy the Soldier
16 One Morning in May
17 Two Maidens Went Milking

New Ballads: Reporting the American Revolution and the War of 1812
18 Captain Kidd
19 The Escape of Old John Webb
20 Free America
21 The Boston Tea Tax
22 The Ballad of the Tea Party
23 Johnny Has Gone for A Soldier
24 The Riflemen's Song at Bennington
25 The Battle of Saratoga
26 Sir Pete Parker
27 Cornwallis Country Dance
28 The Yankee Man-o-War
29 High Barbaree
30 The Constitution and the Guerriere
31 The Hornet and the Peacock
32 Ye Parliaments of England
33 Patriotic Diggers
34 Hunters of Kentucky

Traveling Songs: Sailing Free and Adventuring West
35 Home Boys Home
36 Shenandoah
37 Song of the Fishes
38 Blow Ye Winds
39 Greenland Fisheries
40 Rollin' Home
41 Blow the Man Down
42 Sacramento
43 A Ripping Trip
44 Ox-Driver’s Song
45 The Hand Cart Song
46 Sweet Betsy from Pike
47 Come Yourselves and See
48 The Shady Old Camp
49 Joe Bowers

Heart Songs: American Folk Creations
50 Lolly Tu Dum
51 Down in the Valley
52 The Sow Took the Measles
53 Old Bangam
54 Mr. Rabbit
55 Hush Little Baby
56 Sourwood Mountain
57 Old Blue
58 Poor Little Turtle Dove
59 Careless Love
60 John Henry
61 Buckeye Jim
62 The Leather-Winged Bed
63 Cotton-Eyed Joe
64 Darlin' Cory
65 Turkey in the Straw
66 I'm Goin' Away
67 Needle Eye
68 Go In and Out the Window
69 Saturday Night and Sunday Too
70 Frankie and Johnny

Popular Songs: Music Hall and Battlefield 1800-1865
71 Unfortunate Miss Bailey
72 The Pesky Sarpint (On Springfield Mountain)
73 Long, Long Ago
74 Ben Bolt
75 Oh You New York Girls
76 The Blue Tail Fly
77 Uncle Ned
78 Darlin' Nelly Gray
79 Wake Nicodemus
80 The Abolitionist Hymn
81 Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
82 John Brown
83 The Battle Cry of Freedom
84 Just Before the Battle Mother
85 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
86 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
87 All Quiet Along the Potomac
88 Goober Peas
89 The Bonnie Blue Flag
90 The Battle of Bull Run
91 Little Brown Jug
92 Grandfather's Clock

The Big Country: Cowboys, Indians, Badmen and Settlers
93 The Roving Gambler
94 Billy the Kid
95 Jesse James
96 John Hardy
97 Midnight Special
98 Sioux Indians
99 Patrick on the Railroad
100 The Utah Iron Horse
101 What Was Your Name in the States
102 The Lavender Cowboy
103 The Cowboy's Lament
104 The Old Chisholm Trail
105 Old Paint
106 Git Along Little Dogies
107 Oh Susanna
108 Green Grow the Lilacs
109 Little Old Sod Shanty
110 The Younger Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
111 Home on the Range
112 Red River Valley
113 Big Rock Candy Mountain
114 Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad



F. Mayrocker and Ernst Jandl at IU
Ernest Butler: Listening to God's Voice
Countee Cullen
Charles Davis: Richard Wright's Black Boy
Tyrone Guthrie: Directing a Play
Rudolf Haas: Mythology and Modern Drama--aspects of O'Neill
Geoffrey Hartman: Keats--poem and literary history
John Hawkes on his writing
W. Hansen: The Heroic Epic
Helen Johnson on the theatre
Don L. Lee: Black Writers--is there a Black Aesthetic
Doris Lessing
Peter Marshall
Tony Morrison: The Future of the Black Novel
John Matthews on the Harlem Renaissance
Richard Ohman: Study of Literature in Industrial Culture
Darwin Turner: Black Literature and White Critics
Hortense Thornton: Images of the Black Woman in Afro-American Literature
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