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Comparative Literature
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Concrete Poetry and Electronic Music --Introductions by Claus Clüver



  Ernst Jandl:  Philosophie;  Schützengraben;  Ode auf N
Ernst Jandl:  Devil Trap
Augusto de Campos:  Eis os amantes
Haroldo de Campos:  Branco; Ronaldo Azeredo:  Rua; José Lino Grünewald:  Vae e vem;  Ronaldo Azeredo:
Velocidade; Augusto de Campos:   Uma vez; Augusto de Campos:  Cor som

Paul de Vree:  Vertigo gli
Brian Gysin:  I am that I am
7 Luciano Berio:  Omaggio a Joyce
8 Karlheinz Stockhausen:  Gesang der Jünglinge (Canticle of the Hebrew Children in the Fiery Furnace)

Radio Texts by Ferdinand Kriwet --introductions by Claus Clüver


1. Voice of America I
2. Modell Fortuna
3. Apollo Amerika
4. One Two Two


Music Compositions based on Brazilian Concrete Poetry Madrigal Ars Viva --conducted by Klaus Dieter Wolf, 1971


Um movimento, by Décio Pignatari; composition, Willy Correa de Oliveirez (1962)
Coca Cola, by Décio Pignatari; composition, G. Mendes (1966)
Vai-e-Vem, by José Lino Grünewald; composition, Gilberto Mendes (1969)


Ives, Stravinsky, Stein


1. Charles Ives:  The Fourth of July (1912-13) (No. 3 of New England Holidays)
2. Igor Stravinsky:  Le Sacre du Printemps--Le Sacrifice (end only)
3. Gertrude Stein reads If I Told Him:  A Completed Portrait of Picasso


Claus Clüver - Between Poetry and Music


Augusto de Campos:  eis os amantes (1953)
Ronaldo Azeredo:  rua (1958)
Augusto de Campos:   uma vez (1957)
Paul de Vree:  vertigo gli
Toru Takemitsu:  Vocalism ai
Luciano Berio:  Omaggio a Joyce
Karlheinz Stockhausen:  Gesang der Jünglinge


Miscellaneous Poems


Ernst Jangle:  Teufelsfalle
Ernst Jandle:  Schntzngrmm
Haroldo de Campos:  branco
Gilberto Mendes:  Motet em ré menor:  Beba Coca Cola, text, Decio Pignatari
Dylan Thomas:  Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Gertrude Stein:  If I Told Him:  A Completed Portrait of Picasso
Several poems by members of the De Campos family
German poems

Sound Poetry

Raoul Hausmann - Dada, poem of 1918
Kurt Schwitters - Cigars, read by Ernst Jandl
Ernst Jandl - Philosophy
Ernst Jandl - Schnitzngrm
Ernst Jandl - Ode on N
E Jandl - Devil Trap
Ernst Jandl - Good Night Poem
Peter Greenham - Paper Punch, read by Lily Greenham
Peter Greenham - Le Travailleur, read by Lily Greenham
10  Peter Greenham - Football, read by Lily Greenham
11  Peter Greenham - China Coffee Cup, read by L. Greenham
12  Brion Gysin - I am that I am

Sound Poetry

Bob Cobbing - Variations on a Theme of Tan, 1964/1968
Bob Cobbing - Chamber Music, read by B. Cobbing and Susanne Feingold
Bob Cobbing - Whississippi (Whisper Piece No. 4)

Sound Poetry - Xenakis

Y. Xenakis - Nuits - Les Solistes des choeurs de l'O.R.T.F.

Sound Poetry

Paul de Vree - Vertigo Gli
Paul de Vree - Veronica
Paul de Vree - Terrena Trou Ba Hi
Paul de Vree - Kleine Caroli
Paul de Vree - Rivièra
Paul de Vree - Het lleven is een baccarat
Erik Thygesen - Passions/Surfaces - For Cecilia Stam
Lars-Gunnar Bodin - From any point to any other point

Sound Poetry

Svante Bodin - Transition to Majorana Space
Gust Gils - Vocal exploration No. 2
Christer Hennix Lillie - Still Life

Sound Poetry

Henri Chopin - Le bruit du sang
Chopin - Sol air
Bernard Heidsieck - Chapeau
Bernard Heidsieck - Ne  restez pas debout

Sound Poetry

Bernard Heidsieck - Biopsie 12:  Terre a terre
François Dufrêne - Crirhythme pour Bob Cobbing
François Dufrêne - Paris-Stockholm

Sound Poetry

Ake Hodell - U.S.S. Pacific Ocean
Diter Rot and Emmet Williams - Around the Corner Variations

Sound Poetry

Ake Hodell - Where Is Eldridge Cleaver?
Ilmar Laaban - Three Letters from the Deep-Mouthed One

Sound Poetry

Sten Hanson - Subface
Sten Hanson - Coucher er souffler
Sten Hanson - Che
Sten Hanson - Western Europe 1969
Sten Hanson - La destruction de votre code génétique par drogues toxines et irradiation
Ladislav Novák - Descartes' Metamorphosis into Liquid
Ladislav Novák - Vita Humana
Ladislav Novák - Ceterum Autem

Sound poetry

Bengt Emil Johnson - 5/70 (Lecture on...)
Bengt Emil Johnson - 1/69; through the Mirror of Thirst (First Passage)
Bengt Emil Johnson - 2/67 (While) - 2/67 (Median)

Sound Poetry

John Cage and Lejaren Hiller - HPSCHD for Harpsichord and Computer-Generated Sound Tapes
Toru Takemitsu - Water Music for Magnetic Tape
Toru Takemistsu - Vocalism Ai

Phonetische Poesie herausgegeben von Franz Mon

Velemir Chlebnikov, Aleksej Kručënych, Kazimir Malevič, Raoul Hausmann, Kurt Schwitters, Maurice Lemaître, François Dufrêne, Henri Chopin
Bob Cobbing, Peter Greenham, Paul de Vree, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Ladislav Novák, Gerhard Rühn, Franz Mon, Ernst Jandl

Performance by University Singers of the IU School of Music, Jan Harrington, conductor, 2/27/1976

U.S.A., poem, Mary Ellen Solt; readers:  Mary Ellen Solt, Susan Leslie, John Hupp, Kalvert Nelson; Forsythia, electronic composition by Judith Martin Basen on poem "Forsythia" by Mary Ellen Solt; Ann Arella, mezzo soprano; Judith Martin, Synket; Linda Walker, mini Moog; Wilson Allen, sound mixing; E. Kent Hart, conductor; Zig Zag by Mary Ellen Solt; reader:  Kalvert Nelson; Geranium, White Rose and Marigolds, for mixed chorus and soloists (1975) by Joseph Pelphrey

Orson Welles Radio Shows
Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke
    Spanische Tänzerin; Das Karussell; Die Gazelle; Flamingos; Archaïscher Torso Apollos        
Concrete Poetry and Electronic Music

"Expose: Concrete Poetry" (Exhibition, spring 1970) No contents listed
2   Four poems by Peter Greenham, read by Lily Greenham (from private tape):   - Paper Punch, Le Travailleur, Football, China Coffee Cup
Ernst Jandl reads his sound poem "Devil Trap" (1965), composed after a work by John Furnival
From Concrete Poetry to Electronic Music: Ernst Jandl - Philosophie; Schutzengraben; Ode auf N; Augusto de Campos - eis os amantes; Haroldo de Campos - branco; Ronaldo Azeredo - ruasol; José Lino Grünewald - vai e vem; Ronaldo Azeredo - velocidade; Augusto de Campos - uma vez; corsom; Paul de Vree - Vertigo gli; Brion Gysin - I am that I am; Luciano Berio - Omaggio a Joyce; Karlheinz Stockhausen:  Gesang der Jünglinge

C255 poetry

E.e. Cummings - spring is like a perhaps hand; this little bride and groom; pity this monster, manunkind; rain or hail; Dylan Thomas - In My Craft or Sullen Art Wm. Butler Yeats - the Lake Isle of Innisfree

C409 poetry

1  T.S. Eliot - A Game of Chess; Marianne Moore - In distrust of Merits  ; e.e. cummings - spring is like a perhaps hand; this little bride and groom; pity this busy monster, manunkind; rain or hail; William Carlos Williams - The Young Housewfe; the Bull; Poem ("as the cat"); Lear; the Dance; El Hombre
Ogden Nash - Allow Me, Madam, But It Won't Help;  The Hunter; The Perfect Husband; The Outcome of Mr. McLeod's Gratitude; Introspective Reflection; So Penseroso; W.H. Auden - Ballad; Prime; Dylan Thomas - Poem in October; In My Craft or Sullen Art Elizabeth Bishop - Anaphora; Late Air; The Fish

C145: Flight of Icarus; Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Denis Brutus lecture on his poetry
    1 2 3                            
On reading concrete poetry --Claus Clüver, 2/10/70
    1 2                              

Kimon Friar on Kazanzakis, 5/7/68


Intro by Willis Barnstone


Lectures by René Wellek, spring 1974

    1 2 3 4 5 on T.S. Eliot
    6 7 8 9 on I.A. Richards
    10 11 12 13 on F.R. Leavis
    14 15 on William Empson
    16 on John C. Ransom
    17 on John C. Ransom, Allen Tate, Cleanth Brooks
    18 19 on French Structuralism - George Poulet
    20 on Geneva School - Bachelard, Raymond, Beguin
    21 on Paris Structuralism:  Goldman, de Saussure, Barthes
    22 on Paris Structuralism:  Roland Barthes
    23 on Paris Structuralism:  Roland Barthes, Jacobson, Tzvetan Todorov, Gerard Genette; Course summary
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