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First Year of Greek --Allen (classical)
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The Pronunciation of Ancient Greek: A Practical Guide --Stephen G. Daitz
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Linguaphone Greek
    1. Sounds and Accents                

2. Passages from the Greek Classics...
Demosthenes:  Olynthiac I, 1-14
Sophocles:  Oedipus at Colonus, 579-599
Homer:  Iliad I, 1-16
Pindar:  Olympian VI, 1-14 (Dorian Rhythm)
Pindar:  Olympian X, 1-14 (Aeolian and Paeonian Rhythms)

Essentials of Latin
Pattern practices --Michigan Latin workshop
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Greek Verse and Prose --read by Konrot Ziegler

Poetry:  Introduction to Greek Lyrics (in German)
Homer:  Odyssey I, 1-10; Sophocles:  Oedipus Rex, 1-13, 1524-30, farewell of blinded Oedipus, 151-189, entry song of chorus; Aristophenes:  Acharner, 207-233
Prose: Xenophen:  Anabasis, Book I, Ch. 1, 1-6; Thucydides:  History of the Peloponnesian War, Book I, Ch 1-2; Ch. 21-22 (Methodology); Plato:  Socrates Farewell Speech, Ch. 1


Discourses Spoken Greek --read by F.R. Dale, J. Hazel, D.A. Raeburn, Prof. T.B.L. Webster


1-2  Verse Homer:  Iliad VI 440-493; Sappho (Oxford Book of Greek Verse 141); Pseudo-Anachreon (O.B.G.V. 180); Aeschylus:  Agamemnon, 503-537, 551-582, 636-680; Sophocles:  Oedipus Coloneus 668-719; Euripides:  Troades 740-779; Bacchae 977-1023; Aristophenes:  Birds 227-262; Callimachus (O.B.G.V. 513)
1-2 (continued)
3-4  Prose Thucydides:  II, 65, 5-13; Demosthenes:  Philippic I, 40-42; de Corona, 199-205; Plato:  Apologia Socratis, 41c8-42; Phaedo, 117a4-end; Republic III, 401b1-d3; Republic V, 473c8-e2
3-4 (continued)

Latin Readings, Vol. I-IV

Vol I:  1-2  Cicero: De Re Publica III, xxii, 33; Caesar:  De Bello Gallico IV, 25; Livy:  Preface, 6-11; Tacitus:  Annals I, ch. 7; L.P. Wilkinson:  speech on presenting Mr. Henry Moore for an honorary degree; Plautus:  Curculio, 147-180; Terence:  Heauton Timorumenos; Lucretius:  I, 1-24, III, 830-842, III, 894-911; Catulus:  XIII, XLIII, LXXVI; 3-4  Virgil:  Eclogue V, 45-84; Aeneid II, 1-20, II, 21-56, III, 268-297, V, 630-658; Horace:  Odes I, 5; Satires I, 9; Archipoeta:  Confession 1-28, 37-48 --read by O. Skutsch, W.S. Allen, R.G.G. Coleman, C.O. Brink, L.P. Wilkinson, T.L. Zinn, F.R. Dale, C.W. Baty, L.A. Moritz, K.F. Quinn
Vol IITerence, Scenes from the Eunuchus and Adelphi 1  Act 1, scene 1; Act 2, scenes 2, 3; Act 3, scenes 1, 4, 5; Act 5, scenes 1, 5, 9.  Production performed by the members of the original cast of Westminster School production, summer 1966. 2  Act 1, scene 1; Act 5, scenes 4. 9. --read by T.L. Zinn, F.R. Dale, A. Starling,  T. Scott
Vol III:  Rhetoric 1:  Livy, II, 32; Cicero:  in Verrem II, 4.3-4; Pro Archia VII. 15 to X. 22 2:  Sallust:  Catiline 52; Tacitus:  Annals I, 42-43; Saint Augustine:  Confessions, Book IV, 16-18 --read by R.G.G. Coleman, C.W. Baty, L.A. Moritz, O. Skutsch

Vox Romana

1-2  Roman Legends from Livy and Ovid:  Romulus and Remus; Brutus and the Tarquins; Hercules and Cacus Short Readings of Verse and Prose:  Catullus 31, 3, and 101; Horace, Odes I, IV; Caesar, Gallic War IV; Cicero, in Catilinam; Anonymous, O Roma nobilis; St. Bonaventure, from the life of St. Francis
1-2 (continued)
3  Six Passages from Virgil:  Eclogue IV; Georgics II, IV; Aeneid V,VI, XII

Virgil's Aeneid and Ceasar's Gallic War

Virgil's Aeneid, introduction and first lines
Caesar's Gallic War, Caesar meets Ariovistus

Virgil's Aeneid

The Play of Daniel, New York Pro Musica
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The Golden Treasury of Greek Poetry and Prose --a reading in Greek by Pearl C. Wilson, Professor Emeritus of Greek, Hunter College

Selections from Cicero --read in Latin by John F.C. Richards


1-2  Speeches:  selections from In Verrem; Pro lege Manilia; In Catilinam; Pro Archia; Pro Milone; Orationes Philippicae
1-2 (continued)
Philosophical works and letters:  selections from  De Republica; Tusculanae Disputationes; De Senectute; De Amicitia; De Officiis; Epistulae ad Familiares

Cicero --Commentary and Readings in Latin and English by Moses Hadas of Columbia University

1:  Introduction; First Oration against Cataline
2:  On Old Age; Tusculan Disputations; On Moral Duties; Letter to Atticus

Homer --read in Greek by Wolfgang Schadewalot from the Odyssey, Books I and V

Plato on the Death of Socrates --read in Greek and English by Prof. Moses Hadas


1-2  Introduction and readings from the Apology
1-2 (continued)
Readings from the Apology continued; Readings from the Phaedo


Sophocles:  Antigone --performed in Greek by Members of Columbia University


Lines 1-99, 100-109, 155-174, 192-267, 276-294, 304-309, 315-331, 332-388, 394-405, 441-472, 480-492, 497-505, 508-581
Lines 582-593, 626-644, 672-700, 724-780, 781-790, 891-903, 921-943, 988-998, 1016-1071, 1084-1114, 1115-1125, 1155-1249, 1251-1269, 1277-1300, 1339-1353

Virgil:  Selections from the Aeneid --read in Latin by John F.C. Richards

1 from Liber Primus; Liber Secundus; Liber Quartus
2 from Liber Sextus

Virgil: the Aeneid
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  LV1.15 two Latin readings, two lectures in English
      Latin reading 1 2 Lecture in English 1 2                
Choral Church Music in Latin
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