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Flagship Symposium
Spring 2010
(April 29)

Luke Martineac

戴宁, 在全球化的背景下理解中国的代沟问题: 历史的记忆与新的时代
Luke Martineac: A Study of China’s Generation Gap

Jackson Boyar 姜崇杰: 在华创业:外资企业的崛起与未来
Jackson Boyar:Launching a Chinese Venture: the rise of foreign enterprises and their future
Zachary Grammel 葛杰, 氖綠色:中國飲食業如何以環保平臺確保自己脫穎而出 
Zach Grammel: Neon Green:  Using Environmentalism to Differentiate in the Chinese Food Industry
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