IU College of Arts and Sciences Indiana University Bloomington
Flagship Colloquium
Spring 2011 (April 27)

China in the Light of Globalization: Cultural Communication and Fusion

Owen Mason

Owen Brook Mason: A Comparison of Chinese and American College Entrance Exam Systems

Patrick Jondro

Patrick Marc Johndro: Analyzing Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 Bestselling Phenomenon in Mainland China

Gretchen Krumwiede 顾宝琛中国社会中的同性恋: 电影与现实生活之间的矛盾
Gretchen Mae Krumwiede: Homosexuality in Chinese Society: The Conflict Between Movies and Real Life
Tomas Drury

Tomas Drury: A Criticism of Said’s Orientalism With Respect to East Asian Cinema

Roy Hooper 胡鹏孔子学院之为公众外交策略
Roy Thomas Hooper: The Confucius Center as Public Diplomacy: Possibilities and Unrealized Potential
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