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Nanjing University Flagship Colloquium
Fall 2011
(December. 13-14)

China in the Light of Globalization: Cultural Communication and Fusion

Public Performance

兰艾克, “我们不懂:欣赏传统表演艺术的障碍”

Eric M. Lacour
“We Just Don't Understand:  Obstacles to Appreciating China's Traditional Performing Arts”

吳杰明, “促进中国足球:中国足球目前的情况,以及中国足球的维阿里”

Ben Walker
“Promoting Soccer in China:  Current State of the Sport and China's Vieri”

Policies, Governmental Regulations, and Nationalism

费乔治, “独生子女政策最终对社会和人口是否有效?”

George G. Feldman V
“The One-Child Policy:  What It Means for China's Future”

费伊丽, “保证国家统一的前提下维护民族权益与文化”

Elizabeth Noemi Feliciano
“Protecting Multi-ethnic Rights and Cultures Under the Prerequisite of National Unity”

李杰, “中国打击毒品政策” 

Zach Lovberg Richardson
“China's Anti-Drug Policy”

Dissent and Alternative Ideology

毕岚妮, “网络的异议文化”

Leilani Beams
“Culture of Cyber Dissent”


Tomas Drury
“Critique of Anarchism/Libertarianism”

Chinese Dialects

陈德宁,  “‘起’在四川方言中的作用及语法化”

Nathanial A. Sims
“The functions and grammaticalization of “qi” in Sichuanese”

Linguistic Variations between China and Taiwan

费柔, “中国北方人、台湾北部人和台湾中部人的元音比较”

Regan R.K. Ferrell
“Shades of Mandarin: A vowel comparison of three native speakers from northern China, northern Taiwan, and central Taiwan”


邓妮绮, “中国人跟台湾人使用语气词上的差异”

Nicki Dabney
“A comparison of sentence-final particles used by people from China and from Taiwan”

任伯恩, “口音所造成的偏见与赞美:中国大陆人对台湾国语的看法”

Brian William Inlow
“Prejudice and Praise Brought on by Accent: The opinions of mainland Chinese toward Taiwanese Mandarin”

Language and Culture

毕岚妮, “台湾人取名字的语言及文化意义”

Leilani Beams
“What a Chinese name can tell you: the linguistic and cultural meanings of Chinese names in Taiwan”

伍柏楠, “英汉语中运动隐喻的对比”

Matthew Bryant White
“A comparison of sports metaphors in Chinese and English”

张九鼎, “汉语的性别差异:比较母语者与学习者的理解与敏感度”

Alexander Wald
“Gender Differences in Chinese Usage: Comparing understanding and sensitivity between native speakers and students of Mandarin”

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