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Flagship Colloquium
December 13, 2010

Owen Mason

Owen Mason
“How is Corporate Social Responsibility Treated by Chinese and American Corporations?”

Patrick Jondro

Patrick Johndro
“Postmodern Reverberations in Chinese Literature: Comparing Meta-Conscious Elements between Stoppard and Gao Xingjian”

Gretchen Krumwiede 顾宝琛,“中国社会的男女平等问题:以媒体为例”
Gretchen Krumwiede
“Gender Equality in Chinese Society: An Analysis of the Media”
Matthew White

Matthew White
“China’s African Investment Strategy: Implications for the International Political Economy

Roy Hooper 胡鹏,“中国的中东和北非外交政策模式:石油、贸易及影响力”
Roy Hooper
“The Patterns of Chinese Foreign Policy in the Middle East and North Africa: Oil, Trade, and Power”
Luke Martineac 戴宁,“中国义务教育制度的失衡:问题来源与解决方案”
Luke Martineac
“The Imbalanced Compulsory Education System in China: Sources and Solutions”
Tomas Drury

Tomas Drury
“A Growing Birthrate Imbalance in China: How it will Affect the Marriage Market”

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