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  • The Pinyin Tutor - Carnegie Mellon University
  • Interactive Pinyin Chart with pronunciation
  • Mandarin Learning Tools
  • Mandarin Pinyin Pronunciation Exercises
  • Rules and Tools for using Pinyin
  • Chinese Tools – Chinese handwriting recognition input method, Pinyin editor, calligraphy editor, traditional-simplified text conversion, annotation, vocabulary lists, proverbs, idioms, synonyms thesaurus, slangs, songs, audio lessons, Chinese names, painting lessons, caricatures of Chinese celebrities, and forum.
  • Chinese Language Center offers English-Chinese Learner's Dictionary, stroke order animation, character etymology dictionary, Pinyin editor and lessons, Chinese text annotator, flashcards, and memory game.
  • Learn Chinese site offers various tools such as: online Chinese-English dictionary, text translation, flashcards, quizzes, text annotation, Chinese text and Pinyin input.
  • Learn Chinese Characters by understanding their origins and inter-connections with this Online Chinese-English dictionary by our IU Kelley School of Business Professor Rick Harbaugh.
  • Listen and Learn with Podcasts   More than 1000 Chinese lessons for all levels.
  • RWorld by Rosetta Stone
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