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News & Events

  • April 15, 2014: Appointment of Dr. Anne-Maree Ruddy as CEEP’s Director for Education Policy

    Dr. John Hitchcock, Director of the Center for Evaluation & Education Policy, has announced the appointment of Dr. Anne-Maree Ruddy as CEEP's Director for Education Policy. Dr. Ruddy will draw upon a strong combination of training, education, and experience to provide leadership and direction for the center’s policy-related work.

    Dr. Ruddy holds a Ph.D. with an emphasis in international and comparative educational policy from Murdoch University (Perth, Western Australia) and a Masters of Educational Administration with an emphasis in educational policy from the University of Western Australia.  After a career as a classroom teacher and school administrator, her further experience in the US and abroad includes research, policy analysis and evaluation of education systems with an emphasis on school environments and higher education using quantitative and qualitative approaches; including the collection and analysis of international, government and local policy documents, statistics, reports and key stakeholders’ accounts.   

    Beginning her association with CEEP in 2006, Dr. Ruddy has directed several complex program evaluation projects, and will continue to do so as a Senior Research Associate. In her new role she will also coordinate CEEP’s policy-related activities that promote high-quality P-20 education policy and inform the general public, faculty, the P-20 education community and broader stakeholder groups, and policymakers (e.g., CEEP Policy Chat forums, public opinion surveys, CEEP Education Policy Briefs and other policy-related publications).  IU faculty, non-IU faculty and CEEP research staff will be engaged in examinations of the policy-related implications of their evaluation and research activities. CEEP’s policy publications and presentations will be based on empirical research that demonstrate how the findings from evaluation and research can inform policy and practice.

    March 14, 2014:
    High suspension/expulsion rates driven by ineffective school policies, not "bad kids"

    Russell Skiba, Director of the Equity Project at CEEP, heads a group of 26 nationally recognized experts from the social science, education and legal fields – known as the Discipline Disparities Research-to-Practice Collaborative. The Collaborative has spent three years compiling and analyzing a huge body of recent research that challenges virtually every notion behind the frequent use of disciplinary policies that remove students from the classroom.

    The group found clear evidence that students of color, particularly African-Americans, and students with disabilities are suspended at hugely disproportionate rates compared to white students, perpetuating racial and educational inequality across the country.  LGBT students also are over-represented in suspension.

    The Collaborative's reports were released as the group presented their information and answered questions in Congressional hearings in Washington, D.C.

    A media release from Indiana University summarizes key findings and provides links to the Collaborative’s website and three briefing papers.  Click HERE to read the media release from Indiana University.

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