Preprofessional Curricula

Prephysician Assistant

The physician assistant degree is offered by Butler University in Indiana and by the University of Kentucky. This program for Indiana involves two years of preprofessional courses with years three and four being completed at Butler University, Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, or at various other health facilities in the Indianapolis area. The student is encouraged to contact the University of Kentucky in Lexington for its prephysician assistant requirements. Students wishing to transfer to Butler University must complete a two-year curriculum, which includes the following:

  • Introductory Biology L 101-L 102
  • Human Anatomy A 215
  • Human Physiology P 215
  • Microbiology and Immunology J 200 and J 201
  • Medical Terminology M 330 or M 195
  • chemistry sequence through biochemistry
  • Statistics K 300
  • Approximately 30 credit hours of social science courses, humanities, and physical education classes, including elementary composition, public speaking, personal health, and others

For further information or to apply, contact the School of Natural Sciences at (812) 941-2184.

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