Preprofessional Curricula


A student may be admitted to the School of Dentistry upon receipt of the bachelor’s degree, at the end of three years of study in arts and sciences, or, in exceptional cases, upon completion of two years of undergraduate preparation. Information regarding admission to the School of Dentistry may be obtained from Indiana University, Director of Admissions of Dentistry, 1121 W. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202, phone (317) 274-8173.

Predental Requirements

The following predental courses are mandatory and must be completed by all students who wish to enroll in Indiana University School of Dentistry. There are no exemptions from or substitutes for these prerequisites. All the courses listed as follows are available at IU Southeast.

1. Two semesters or 10 credit hours of each of the following:

  • Biology or Zoology (lecture and lab L 101-L 102)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (C 105-C 125 and C 106-C 126)
  • Physics (lecture and lab P 201-P 202 or P 221-P 222)

2. One semester of the following: Biochemistry (C 483)

  • Human Anatomy (lecture and lab A 215)
  • Human Physiology (lecture and lab P 215) 
  • Organic Chemistry (C 341-C 343; C 342)

3. One semester of Introductory Psychology, English Composition (W 131), and Interpersonal Communication or Public Speaking.

A student may be admitted to dental school upon completion of the preceding predental courses and a minimum of 90 credit hours by the time of matriculation. No more than 60 semester hours may be completed at the junior college level.

Academic Bulletins

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