School of Nursing

The Mission of the IU Southeast School of Nursing (SON) is to create a community of learning that addresses society's need for caring professionals and that nurtures students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds.

The School of Nursing will promote nursing care excellence through a community of lifelong learning that focuses on society’s needs for high-quality health care and scientifically educated professional nurses.

Student Outcomes

  • A Critical Thinker who demonstrates intellectual curiosity, rational inquiry, problem-solving skills, and creativity in framing problems.
  • A Culturally Competent Person who can provide holistic nursing care to a variety of individuals, families, and communities.
  • A Knowledgeable Coordinator who facilitates access to resources necessary to meet the healthcare needs of individuals, families, and communities.
  • A Politically Aware individual who participates in the profession and the practice of nursing with a global perspective.
  • A Conscientious Practitioner who practices within the ethical and legal framework of the nursing profession.
  • An Effective Communicator who is able to share accurate information.
  • A Competent Provider of health care who assumes the multiple role dimensions required of structured and semi-structured health care settings.
  • A Professional Role Model who promotes a positive public image of nursing.
  • A Responsible Manager who balances human, fiscal, and material resources to achieve quality health care outcomes.

Academic Bulletins

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