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Other Pre-Allied Health Science Degree Programs

Students interested in degrees in allied health science fields can take courses toward those degrees at IU Southeast. Students generally can take one to three years at IU Southeast and then must complete their degrees at another institution, such as the Indiana University Medical Center at Indianapolis. Students pursuing a degree in allied health science are often a few courses short of an A.A. in biology, and can easily complete both degrees.

Any student who is interested in allied health science programs should contact the Allied Health Coordinator for the most current information about the availability of courses and programs and the requirements for completing degrees. Tel: (812) 941-2284.

The following are some programs that students may begin at IU Southeast:

• A.S. and Certificate Histotechnology

• A.S. Paramedic Science

• A.S. Radiography

• B.S. Clinical Laboratory Science

• B.S. Cytotechnology

• B.S. Health Information Administration

• B.S. Medical Imaging Technology

• B.S. Nuclear Medicine Technology

• B.S. Radiation Therapy

• B.S. Respiratory Therapy

• M.S. Occupational Therapy

• D.PT. Physical Therapy

Contact the School of Natural Sciences at for information about preprofessional preparation at the bachelor’s level.

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